Monday, August 17, 2009

Road Deaths in India

The WHO (World Health organization) Global Status Report on Road Safety reveals that more people in India die in road accidents than anywhere else in the world. The report, a first of its kind global survey shows India ahead of another populous country like China. With the rising road fatality rate, it is time to check road accidents. Causes vary in nature like drunken driving, crossing speed limits, driving without proper training and driving license, road rage and low use of helmets. The survey points out that road fatality could become the fifth biggest killer by 2030 - spreading like an epidemic in years to come.

This timely caution has no doubt sounded the warning bell.

Time is the best healer.
Drive safe.
Ride safe.
Be careful
Be happy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Health Insurance Pros

The spread of swine flu is on the rise, bringing with it fear and panic in the minds of the people. Out of panic people are queuing up at the government hospitals for screening and treatment of swine flu. With the rising numbers, the government hospitals are finding it difficult to cater to the demands of every individual. Hence government has sent out directives to private hospitals in the different cities to treat swine flu patients. The private hospitals have been asked to set up isolation wards.

In Delhi after the government gave out directives to public hospitals for treatment of swine flu, Apollo one of the leading private hospitals of this country came out saying the hospital could not provide beds for such patients but later on agreed to join the fight against H1N1.

Treatment at the private hospital will be an expensive affair which has to be borne by the concerned individual. To make matters easy for the incurred expenses, health insurance policy can come handy at such a time. The Times of India Pune edition carries the article with headline - "Swine flu-hit can now claim expenses under insurance" -- this will no doubt bring relief to people having a Mediclaim policy. This benefit given by the insurance company should reach the length and breadth of the country.

This good news will raise awareness among the people of this country about the benefits of Health Insurance, which is no doubt a must with rising medical expenses for different illness.

With 4 major public sector general insurance companies and many private players in the general insurance sector, it gives a choice to compare the health insurance policies offered by the general insurers across the country.

After all – Health is Wealth.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swine Flu Prevention with Ayurveda

The number of swine flu patients is on the rise. As hours pass, the figure of those affected seems to be on the rise. Scare, panic and fear has gripped the population to such an extent that people are flocking the hospitals to get tested and hurriedly buying face masks. Many schools in different cities have been shut done and in some other place even malls, multiplexes and theatres are being shut down for few days.

In such a situation Baba Ramdev, the Yoga guru has come up with his message of combating swine flu with the help of Ayurveda. Now with his suggestion that giloi and tulsi can help prevent swine flu, the MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) has taken Randev’s advice seriously and has decided to provide tulsi and giloi free of cost to the people of Delhi.
What’s the harm in trying out this simple way to strengthen our immune system?

Prevention is better than cure – isn’t it?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Swine Flu and Homeopathy

Swine Flu or the H1N1 virus has entered the Indian soil and is now spreading from one place to another. Till now they were the ones who had returned from their foreign trips brought the H1N1 virus with them. And now silently this flu is hopping from one body to another, from one city to another, causing a major threat and health problem in India.

Swine flu took its first toll on life in Pune. The people of the other cities are not safe either. The number of H1N1 virus infected persons is rising in the different parts of India. To check the spread, government is trying to control the spread of this influenza.

Simple caution: wear masks on the face covering the nose and the mouth portion, wash hands regularly at short intervals, stay away from visiting crowded places, avoid being near those who are sick and most importantly avoid foreign travels if not necessary.
Till now the government hospitals had been asked to conduct the tests for this infection and administer and distribute medicines from government hospitals only.

Now Homeopaths have come out to say Homeopathy can prevent and cure swine flu.

With another ray of hope for cure, many may heave a sigh of relief from the panic they are going through.

“There is always light at the end of the tunnel” has been rightly said.

Weak Monsoon Rising Prices

The rising price of essential commodities is one of the major problems this country is facing at present. Before the people could reconcile with the rising price of dals, there came another bolt from the blue. Sugar price rise caused harm to the common man’s pocket before the previous sore could totally heal.

Sugar is one of the main essential commodities in every household. Government comes up speaking about shortage in sugarcane plantation and a weak monsoon, a cause for which the people have to suffer. It is believed, from the account of the Agriculture Minister, to make up the shortage in sugar supply, duty-free white sugar will be imported. Along with it comes the assurance that the price of sugar will remain reasonable.

The coming of the major festivals of this country in a couple of months when sugar will be in demand, it is to be seen how helpful these words of consolation can be?

With very little rainfall this year, this country which depends mostly on a good monsoon for agriculture will no doubt have a tough time ahead. A weak monsoon has hit crops like sugarcane, wheat, paddy and pulses which are the major crops. No doubt this has hit the inflation chart too.

Soaked in the sweat from the heat how can anyone say, “Rain, rain, go away come again…”

Just have to wait and see when the prices have taken a soar will they come down again.

We live with Hope, isn’t it?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

When Dal (Lentils) Makes You Think

Why is it that the whole burden of running the home budget falls mostly on the shoulders of women? To be frank, I’ve used the word mostly, in order not to bring about a debate among men vs. women.

The rise in the price of the different kinds of dal has made most families think about preparing and serving dal in the everyday meal. Most Indian households cannot think of a full meal without dal. Be it roti, be it rice, a bowl of dal goes with it. With soaring prices, dal which is thought as a wholesome food even for the poor is just going out of reach of the common man. The strong words about the Aam Adami (by this present ruling government) now lack the luster it created before the general election votes were cast.

Dals have their own nutrition value being rich in protein and a source of inexpensive protein in a vegetarian diet. A cooked meal of dal and rice is known as khichdi, rich in nutritional value and healthy food for the sick also. There has been a cut down on the monthly purchase of dals, as cost of some varieties has touched the near 100 rupee mark, something difficult in a common man’s chart. Said and done - there was a lot of commotion in the parliament on this issue. Here again we have to think, “Are our parliamentarians really concerned about us when they can have their tummy full?”

Dal roti khao, prabhu ke gunn gao” for now, is no longer the merry and light-hearted tuned words of many in this country.