Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mind Speak

Who speaks?

Thoughtful question.

From where does all the thoughts and words come from?

Of course, from the MIND.
He he he he he, then there comes the question, Mind your own business?

O! my God I think you are back to your school days. Class leader anytime?

Silly can't you find out how smart I am.

Hey baby, don't measure your cheeks.

Calling me Cheeky? Stupid. I know you have lost before the WAR OF WORDS has begun.

Cheeky. I'm your MIND SPEAK. So please don't try to be smart. You'll have to do as I want you to do. UNDERSTAND.

Never heard about you before. But. Then. Why am I staggering with words?

Simple. Know your MIND SPEAK. And I'm always at your service if you are with me.

Thank you MIND SPEAK. We a re friends for ever.

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