Sunday, February 1, 2015

Just THIS and THAT

So many thoughts cross the mind. I may not be wrong to say that “Thoughts also can go the crisscross way”.

Can there be a lattice of thoughts?
Simple to say, then, does it really mean to be.

Anyway, so many thoughts are born in the mind just from where. Of course if I am not wrong, God has given us the mind to think.

Some thoughts are pleasing and some make us sad. Thoughts are of the present state and may also go down deep into the past.

While sitting in loneliness, so many thoughts creep out so smoothly in my mind that it occupies the vacant space in the mind.

But after all the thoughts make all the waves in life…may be THIS at times and maybe be THAT, but then that’s what thoughts are about and that creates the pace of the moving of life forward.

THIS is what I’ve been thinking now and THAT is my expression in words as of now. In which direction my next thoughts will move, ‘know not I’, for thoughts are like wandering white clouds in a clear sky.

But then there can be the dark sky and then…just think…

(C) gouriguha 2015

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