Saturday, March 29, 2014

What Lures People into Politics

It is really difficult to find out why people are running after political parties to join them. Many reasons crop up in my mind. This is the way my feeling is.

Politics has become a cheap affair.

Politics is one of the ways to rise to fame within a short span of time.

Being associated with a political party can boast of the power of being powerful.

Some, who are power hungry and want to get powerful, join politics for personal gains.

Some elderly retired ambitious people join politics to remain active and also try to get a space in the political power world.

Even notorious people join politics to save themselves from the clutches of the law as some parties have so much of say and influence in different departments of this country.

Politics is a pastime for some.

Some are there to have a wide range of friends.

For some it is a matter of prestige associated with power.

Some, who want a seat in the different State Assembly’s and in Parliament…be it the Upper or the Lower House…are there for gain.

There are others who want to make big money, so in politics.

And some others are there for their Dynasty.

God! What would have happened if Politics would not have come down to such low as can be seen now with the 2014 Elections just ahead? At times it makes me think whether politics is a game of dice.

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