Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Politics and Craze – more Haze for Me

I think this time, the 2014 General elections is making a lot of noise all around. Whether you are in politics, like to discuss about politics, have no liking about politics, simply hate politics, you cannot be spared from the entire hullabaloo about it.

Why have people suddenly become so much fascinated about politics? The first thing that strikes the mind is – the AAP has created a wave among people. The other parties do not give chance to any and every one to join them as and when they like. They have a way to include new members into their list. But when AAP came into being, all aspirants…those who wanted to fight elections in the State or National level…started joining this party. And this party wanted its numbers to swell very quickly. People started daydreaming about their political career. That which was so far away could come so close so easily…made all the difference. But how can a party adjust everyone. Thus disgruntlement started. That was to happen and so it happened.

Now even big parties have made some concessions in their membership drive. There is also much displeasure. But that’s political gimmick or shrewd game of this word POLITICS.

Only a few more days and after that all the humdrum is going to die out. Then the game of numbers will decide the fate of this country.

We, simple voters having exercised our power of franchise, will be set aside. No one to hear our voices and they/politicians, sitting on the podium will do as they like.

We do need a change from those who are ruling, and, that means a change in the political arena. But things are not going to fall into place very quickly even if there is a change. Like in a family, something very wrong happens, it takes time to set things right. So also is the case now.

Anyway the voter always expects some good to happen as he/she casts the vote. One should not be biased but be thoughtful while casting vote. Influence is for those who don’t understand, but the Indian middle-class is literate and has the intelligence to know the right from the wrong.

Still we will have to wait for the final counting to know the results.

Hope this time we are not deceived and deprived by the next new government at the Center. Hope will remain and after all Elections is a gamble for politicians and they cannot deny it.

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