Thursday, July 25, 2013

Modi Syndrome and Dadababu

Our Videshi Dada has created a furore with his comment on Modi. Why so much is being said and discussed about Modi?

Modi has become a hero...positive or negative...they know the best who think about him...for love or in fear...

Some Members of Parliament have tried to move from the Indian shores to the American land by expressing their views via a letter, pitching their voice against Modi. Is the American President, so silly a man, to read the lines of these pseudo secular people and then rest his decision basing on their thoughts?

Even in a small family, if there is any problem, no one will like to wash their family’s dirty linen on the street and lo behold, these people are trying to do a dirty work in spreading their dirty thought overseas.

Is there no protocol for the members of Parliament? I think there is as they take an oath before taking up their responsible seats. Anyway, the Modi Syndrome has bitten into them.

Fear, anger or hatred...for what?...that makes this man all the more popular with every wrong move taken against him.

Even our learned Dadababu knowingly has made this mistake.

Nothing positive will emerge from negative thoughts. Leave aside all the ugly thought which is turning the issue murkier and let the intelligent people of this nation decide who is right and who is wrong.

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