Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Indian politics is showing a change. The different states may not have spoken by themselves, but we, the people of this country showed courage to wipe out the ones who had created a great mess in this country. Those who have been swept clean never once thought about the pangs they created for the common man, who constitute the mass of this country.

They sat comfortably in their cool luxurious chambers and went on doing THIS and THAT now and then, thinking they are the Lords or Kings who had every right to act in their Lordly fashion...the way they liked.

Little did they remember that India is a DEMOCRACY now and being the largest democracy in the world, with a huge population of highly educated people and even people with little learning have started to know the Right from the Wrong and also know they can fight for their RIGHTS. And this Right was very well exercised in casting of their (common man) votes.

It is no longer, "Jago India (Bharat) Jago"., for already the people are saying, "Hum Jag gaye hain, aab dekho...".

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tehelka‬ and ‪TarunTejpal‬

TarunTejpal, having been caught in a trap that he so much liked to lay for others now pleads innocence. He says he is being framed by the BJP. But little did he think when he was doing sting operations on them, decided to shoot guilt in hidden lens by the grace of some others who were powerful and could shelter him. Having done wrong to others at one time he feels he is being wronged and targeted. It shows that he has a mind to target others and the same nasty thought he dreams of to be there in others minds.

If Tarun Tejpal thinks he is innocent, then he should have a strong heart to stand upright and fight the wrong to come out clean.

He has shamed the journalist fraternity with the dirt that he has strewn. Being a father -like figure of the girl how could he degrade himself to such a low level. Some, who favour him say that he should be given a rap on the knuckle and let free. Some others say he needs the help of a psychiatrist. If this is so then he cannot run an organisation like The Tehelka which like to shout 'Tehelka mach gayaa' in all sense.

In the case of Bitti Mohanty, there was Fast-Track court trial and he was convicted. So in such cases against women, government should think of putting up Fast-Track Courts to give early judgments...lessons can then be learnt by such men who think they are Machos.

And now the Tehelka-man rubbishes the Tehekla that has created ripples.

Talwars found guilty -- Double Murder Mystery solved

The Talwars have been found guilty of the double murder of Aarushi and Hemraj, which was till now a Murder Mystery, solved with the Court's verdict coming up and the quantum of punishment to come soon.

The Special CBI Judge was really good at words while writing the judgement and some of his words disapproving the parents' actions were, "They have extirpated their own daughter who had hardly seen 14 summers of her life and the servant... in the breach of the Commandment 'thou shall not kill' and injunction of Holy Quran 'take not life which God has made sacred'". He further says, "The parents are the best protectors of their own children. That is the order of human nature but they have been freaks in the history of man-kind where the father and mother become killer of their own progeny".

Though the Talwars have been found guilty they disapprove of committing this heinous act and will be moving to the High Court for relief. But all circumstantial evidences are against them, so the plea may be rejected.

At least Krishna, Rajkumar and Mandal, the domestic helps, have got relief from this and Hemraj's family has breathed a sigh of relief. These three poor fellows had very few supporters who stood by them when they had to undergo so much physical and mental torments.

But this case has shocked the mental status of huge number of parents and children. Though this is a rare case we cannot deny such happenings among the people who support Khaps. They also lean to such criminal activities. But here the comparison with Khaps cannot be taken into consideration, for the parents were practising Dental Surgeons and this was most unexpected from them.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sonia Gandhi and Her Views

Sonia Gandhi is all up against her National rival party. She feels they are making a lot of noise in the rallies held by them. But for sure, in the biggest Democracy of the world, every person has his/her rights as per the Constitution of India.

“Freedom of Speech” is our fundamental right from which one cannot be debarred. But she feels this freedom is prerogative only to a special lot, all because she is the Chairperson of the UPA and her party has the right to speak out in public rallies the way they like creating displeasure in the minds of the people.

Sonia Gandhi also feels her opposition is power-hungry. But madamji, in a Democratic form of government each one has the right to put forth his/her views before the people. They can speak of the ‘Do’s and Don’t’s’. You are also speaking of things that have happened during your tenure of rule and what more you can give to this ever-growing population…numbers are increasing by leaps and bounds and need to be checked.

Democracy, if it is defined in simple words is an elected government, where people exercise their right to vote to elect their representatives. This is not a Monarchy where the crown passes from one head to another like that of a dynasty. So there is no harm to rally and give speeches to influence the crowd.

You say your opponent is power hungry. But nowhere in your speeches have you said you don’t want to be in power. Hunger for power is the main priority thought in politics.

The baton cannot be just passed on from one hand to another like a relay-race. Good that a healthy election is fought with good intentions and also for doing good to the nation. Just don’t start realising that after 60 years of your Party’s rule at the centre things have improved for the benefit of the people. Your election gimmicks have been well understood by the people of this country at this juncture.

Sixty-six years of independence has taught the people the basic ABC’S of Democracy and the happenings in this country. Let the people judge when the time comes.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Tehelka, Tejpal and Shoma Chaudhury

Shoma Chaudhury, come on you seem so dumb towards your Boss or Friend…that is your personal relationship…when he has committed a crime of molestation with a very young journalist working in his organization.

Shoma, if this would have happened elsewhere, we could hear your shout in our homes from your own media house publication. You have earlier said so much about the rights of women in their work-places and have vented your anger and anguish when similar happenings came to lime light.

Don’t have double standards and now what is learnt from today’s media reports, Tarun Tejpal is unavailable and most probably has left the country, all for your delay.  Though the morning media news carried this, Tejpal has come up and ready to face the challenge that’s waiting for him.

When the victim and the incident happen to be from your own media house, you say it is an internal matter. Then why take up other external issues and make a hue and cry. That can be their own internal matter and can be sorted out in their own way. Unfair in all fairness.

Hah! Shoma come on and fight for the cause of a woman for you are one among the lot. Or is it women in high positions like to kick aside such matters and happenings that happen with junior women employees working in lower levels. Being a woman, I feel it can be jealousy towards the same sex or your rank has made you change your opinion.

You cannot run away from such a situation and if Tejpal is guilty, you are equally guilty for not taking up the matter with the departments that have the right to deal with and shows you have also taken the law into your own hands.

Shed aside your double standards that is clearly visible now and fight for the cause you have spoken so hardly about, earlier. The matter has to be rightly looked into and the lady should not be under any pressure as not to make a police complaint.

Tejpal deserves to be punished and has to face the consequences which the law of the land will decide.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Sting Operation

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is in trouble after the sting operation on them made rounds in the media. They say the tape has been edited. If they knew that tapes can be edited (they know for journalists who are now members in their party are well aware) then how fair was their deal in showing such tapes against others.

To cut short, this shows how amateur they are in politics. What was the hurry in forming a Party? Their first effort came to limelight when they were with Anna Hazare and worked as Social Activists. They could have waited, learnt the tricks of Politics…which is so dirty…and then come into the fray.

AAP should have started from the Grass Roots…going for Pachayat Elections, then Municipal Elections and then readied themselves for the State Elections. If politics would have been so easy any Tom, Dick and Harry would be there. It’s a Game that has to be played very cautiously.

The other thing that is visible in the AAP, they are a young lot and every member thinks he/she is a Neta. You do need a Guardian to guide and direct to move forward.

If they rectify their fault, they can exist and play their part otherwise who knows.

Don’t expect Fair-weather every day.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tehelka Affair

TarunTejpal of Tehelka has now fallen in a soup. Tehelka, once and now also, very famous for its Investigative Journalism has given black-spots to many people.

Tarun Tejpal had swept others' floors and mopped them up, bringing out the dirt and dust. But now it seems he never looked at his own floor...all the dirt and dust was lying there, and, suddenly someone came cautiously and mopped it up. Then only the dirt showed its presence in his own place.

Pointing fingers is easy but when the same finger turns around the difficulty can be seen and felt.

When the Snooping Scandal came to light, different women's organisations came out to speak for the girl. Now where have they hidden their faces. Are there different parameters for different cases and for different girls. Don't act like hypocrites, come out and speak for the CAUSE you are fighting for. Treat all women as equals and take up their matter from a woman's point of view leaving aside any politics that's being played.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Sunday Expression

We, I may be mistaken, so I say, I feel Sunday is a leisure day, a day to rest and recreate. When thought in totality, I feel Sunday to be more of a working day...more labour and effort goes in the hours that are used up except sleep.

Sunday: More laundry, more cooking...more of cooking goodies...for everyone is present during the important lunch hour, more of cleaning the nooks and corners of the house...so much lady-like effort,sometimes invite guests and then...uff! all that heavy duty of cooking the best and making the guests comfortable, then there is that lurch -- to be more specific -- that yearning to go out and spend the day with family, savouring all the goodies of the liking of each one and then come back to rest.

Some may say, you are wrong with your thoughts. But, sure each one has his/her own thoughts and may not agree.

Thinking of Sunday as a day without work and lots of leisure is the wonder created in the mind. We listen and understand what the mind says but may not act according to it. 'Liberation' from the mind-set may be the right word at this juncture.

Whatever be it, everyone waits for a Sunday, some to laze and get up late, miss the regular duties for that is not needed and say, "Home sweet home, there is no place like home", for a Sunday.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The two words – Secular and Communal

These two words Secular and Communal have been making rounds in my mind. Thought best to sit and make a personal judgement on them – find the right and the wrong in them and their correct applications to those who speak such words with a loud open mouth and make that big noise like the bursting of crackers on the Diwali night.

India is a Secular country which does not have an official state religion. Let’s see where this leads to.

Secular: Secularism means, equal treatment meted to followers of all religions by the state and envisions acceptance of religious laws as binding on the state, and equal participation of state in different religions.

Communal: Meaning in Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary, “pertaining to a commune or community”. So there is no specific reason to say that Communal means being hurtful to other religions apart from the religion you practice.

So by using the word Communal repeatedly, some people who call themselves Secular are trying to divide the country (India) on religious ground.

Here I have to say, having been brought up in an area where the Muslims families were more in number than Hindus, never felt any difference. From a tender age till now religion has never drawn a line in my life to differentiate people. Even we had Christian families who were very close. The people of the other religions always participated in each other’s religious festivity.

It is a great mistake if we tread upon the path that has been made by some to divide this huge country on religious grounds.

Common man wants to live in peace for he has to toil hard to earn his bread and butter. Those who are doing this nuisance have lots stashed in their kitty…maybe out of the wrong earnings they have made. They want to live in peace and see the fun in making others fight, and in all this there is creation of fear, tension, anger and loss of lives.

I say these two specified words, used mostly in politics, hardly makes any space in my life.

Jai ho!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mission to Mars from India

The Mission to Mars from India has started. Here, on this earthly country we are struggling for existence. Love is giving way to hate, the environment is becoming unfriendly because of us, greed is pushing in like a gust of wind, trying to pull down others to reach the highest rung of the ladder, the lust for political power is crossing all barriers. Simple and common people now find existence to be on the difficult track. When we cannot live a life fairly on this earth, can we think of going to another planet to live a happy and peaceful life. Dreams can be true at times...dreaming and happy...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Digvijaya Singh (Diggy Boy) Rants

Diggy Boy rants on Modi and BJP:

...he won't allow "Hindu version of Taliban" to succeed in India...

...dig at Modi for attempting to "hijack" the legacy of Sardar Patel...

...whether Modi was "ditching" RSS icons in the process of "hijacking" Patel's legacy.

...attempt to "communalise" Patel or make the freedom fighter the icon of "communal forces"...

...ridiculed Modi over his knowledge of history over the BJP's leader's "gaffes"...

...however, refrained from making any comment on iconic singer Lata Mangeshkar praising Modi in Pune...

..."Lata Mangeshkar is our Indian Icon and she is entitled to her Political Views"....

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Let the Deepavali lights bring 
love, warmth and brightness 
to your home and lives.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Little Baba’s Progress Report

Everyone was present to get their progress report card. They were in their classroom waiting for their turn to come. At last the teacher called out, “Little Baba come and take your Progress Report”.

Little Baba rushed out of his chair with his dimple-faced smile and stretched out his hand. He took the card and back to his seat opened and saw his performance of the year dancing before his eyes.

English, he looked and wondered why he did not get the pass marks. He thought hard and found that the essays he had learnt by heart did not come in the test. For Grammar, he had simply heard the voice of his heart and written down as he liked. Comprehension, he did not bother to attempt the answers for he did not read the paragraph. 

History marks were miserable. He knew the history of his family – grandma, great grandpa, pa, mama, sister, but never bothered to concentrate on the text book.

Geography was no better. No like for maps and atlas and about the area that covered the different states in his own country. Just threw flukes and that was where he was caught unaware by the teacher in giving him marks.

Science was something he thought he liked for he liked the speed of Jupiter more than other things. Nothing else interested him. But no flying marks here either.

Social Studies was his favourite subject but he did not fare well in this too. How he loved to go to huts and share a meal with those poor ladies was his main aim. But the teacher was rude not to give him pass marks.

Mathematics was compulsory so had to do it otherwise would have kept it aside.

Moral Science was something he liked like the skipping rope game. He did not like this subject for he felt how moral could go with science.

In the end he read, “Promoted on trial”.

Teacher’s remark: Try to do better next time or you’ll have to repeat in the same class again."

Little Baba was not at all disheartened with his report card. He held hands with friend Diggy and with cute little hops from one leg to another he took out two lollipops, handed one to his friend and both of them sucked their lollipops on their way home.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

RaGa Alaap – NaMo Chanting

Early morning is best for Riyaaz, the clean fresh air was moving around bringing with it the sweet breeze. The sun had just popped out his head from his sleeping bag and had not yet stretched far and wide with its sunshine but light enough to call it bright sunlight. Many early risers were out of their bed – some out for their morning walks, a routine they followed religiously while some others sat and sipped their morning cup of tea to gather energy and vigour to cope the long day that lay ahead. There were some who were still in bed – no blame to these souls for they crept into their bed late and were still sleeping snugly.

Lalitji and his wife Lalitaji sat on their balcony when the Raga Alaap was heard with NaMo Chanting. The elderly couple looked at one another and in-between sips were heard discussing.

Lalitji: RaGa is good.

Lalitaji: NaMo Chanting is better.

Lalitji: RaGa is best.

Lalitaji: NaMo the best.

In their good, better, best and the best they at last settled to come to discuss on points for RaGa and NaMo.
It will be point against point said the man.

Agreed said his better-half.

Start…and then went the flow.

RaGa: He has the chocolate boy look and has so many female followers.

NaMo: He has that strong and stout look and admired by men and women alike.

RaGa: RaGa rolls his kurta sleeves to get fresh air for his arms.

NaMo: Wears half sleeves and no fighting.

RaGa: Loves to visit huts and eat food there.

NaMo: Meets people in public and only some selected ones.

RaGa: Still Mother’s Baba.

NaMo: goes to his mother to seek her blessings.

RaGa: Enjoys his given space which is his family legacy.

NaMo: Has worked hard to reach his space among the people.

“Enough, my cup of tea is finished and I’m going in”, said Lalitaji and stood up for the whole days work was waiting for her.

Lalitji drew a long face for he wanted to carry on as he had very little duties for his home. He would read the morning newspaper, ask for another cup of tea, to the toilet and then relax on the big sofa with his legs stretched out and watch the TV.

The RaGa Alaap came to an abrupt halt and the NaMo Chanting died down.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Acronym, Abbreviation -- Long-hand and Short-hand

For some, life is getting easier reading text messages that come in short forms. Many people have stopped using pen/pencil to write on paper. Many others also prefer typing out their thoughts in words onto their computers. Once...I say once...there was the long-hand and the short-hand type of writing. Those were the days when the computer was not there in most of the homes. But now, it has become Finger-touch System. Tap-tap, pat the keyboard and the words are there on the screen.

Sometimes these Acronyms puzzle me, it becomes difficult for me to read out the full form just by looking at it. I think I belong to the old school and depend on writing the full words. I’m comfortable with Acronyms like LOL (laugh out loud), BTW (by the way), ASAP (as soon as possible), IMO (in my opinion), but raise my eyebrows when I see FWIW, FYI, ROTFL, IMHO, TIA, RTFM, and many more. I’ve to take the help of my sons in reading the full form of some of these – a test which I may not pass – test at this age! Hah! Trouble for me, but I’m trying to cope up with time.

Those were the schooldays when we learnt so many Abbreviations by heart. Abbreviation is also the shortened form of a word -- writing Dr. means doctor, ft. for foot (as in measurement), e.g. (example) – many-many-more abbreviations are there, but then I was comfortable. Was it my young age or school life that made it look easy? A question I think about and scratch my head to get an answer to justify my thoughts.

When text-messaging came around and gobbled up the words to become short, shorter and shortest, my problem started. Now -- You is written as U, can write 2 for to -- and carry on writing a message on the small screen – my god how fast these people type – I’m much way back with them and the present time…present time (scratch my chin)…no way I’m running with the pace, not like Bolt the world record holder sprinter but can run my 100 meters quickly…here I am!!!

Then as thoughts cross my mind I feel I’m demeaning my coping nature. Why...I’ve adapted to my use of computers and internet…feel comfortable using them and sharing with others my thoughts and words in this wide world through this modern technology…the World Wide Web (www)…useful isn’t it?

Again, I’m still a learner in this area, new electronic products are spreading their arms in the market. I feel so tired in being an everyday learner, but the buck doesn’t stop there, and then I’m up on my feet with all my energy to run the rat’s race that’s going on.

The long-hand and the short-hand will still be there. When technology fails due to some effect, maybe nature can create one, then these long-lost use will let the wheel turn. Even the type-writer which was once in demand was locked up in the attic when the computer came up smartly. Computer hackers have created difficulty in many sensitive areas, so sensitive documents are typed out on type-writers and kept in secret places…some reports say.

So much has changed but life moves on coping with changes …that’s what we call LIVING LIFE.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bapu Gandhi and Baba Gandhi

The name Gandhi may seem very familiar but there is so much to 
distinguish the Bapu from the Baba.

Bapu Gandhi:

·         The pivot in the Independence Movement.
·         The architect of Non-Violence movement.
·         Simple-living and high-thinking.
·         Fast for days to get the demand for the country.
·         Turning the Charkha to make Khadi.
·         No foreign trips for pleasure sake.
·         Sacrifice in terms of sharing, giving and country’s benefit.
·         Simple loins cloth to drape self.
·         And above all no intention of grabbing power and sit as the head.
·         All the moods captured in pictures read the body language as a man without pride.

Baba Gandhi:

·         Dimple faced smile to capture certain mass.
·         A position simply cut out for him with no pain but gain.
·         Holidays on foreign soil for a change.
·         Fasting for the country – a distant dream.
·         Still not carved out a special deed or intention to be tagged with.
·         Modernity in company of friends and show simplicity in public – dubious.
·         Still a learner with no specific goals of his own.
·         What does sacrifice mean? Still has to learn.
·         Not self-made but inherited fame and name.

·         Wait for photo opportunities where the body language tells his show-off nature depicting on his face.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Bird's Song

So much has changed with years. Each day has a story to tell. But for me I miss those days of my childhood.They are special for me and for my recollection of thoughts.

How nice were those days when I got up early and started my day with activities starting early in the household. The first thing in the morning was to pluck flowers from the trees...flowers of different colours...sprinkle some water on them and keep it in the Puja room for Ma.

Early morning bath and then drape in school uniform...clean and ironed...and rush for breakfast. Being very fussy about food I used to have what I wanted...now I know that's not good for I tell my children to eat whatever is served to them as a mother knows the best for her child.

School-days, how sweet were those days. Lots of friends, study well and get the good rank and praise from the teachers, games and sports which kept the body and mind healthy, back home with homework but no tuition teachers as we see these days. At times I sit back to think why small kids are sent for tuition. Can't the parents spend some time with the kids. I think a parents guidance at a tender age is so good for the child. The parent can also understand the child psychology in many areas.

Evenings were full of fun. Play different games with siblings and children from the neighbourhood. Even a visit to a close-by park made so much difference, and what a fun to sit on the swing and play with the breeze as the swing went up and down from this side to that.

Once dusk fell, back home and back to studies. Lots of homework to be completed or punishment awaited in the school the next morning. Who likes punishment? And then of course no television but radio to listen to music and song and hear the news with Baba. Of course gramophone also gave sweet music to the ears when records were played. No computers, no video games, no staying out late, no partying on own with friends...but still there was lot of liberty in Life. There was space to live a life, to love others in the family and so much oneness among people living around.

It was early to bed and early to rise with no fuss.

Those were the days and as I sit back I can see the change that has come about. Tall buildings with no space for gardens and open individual space. Children's lives have become mechanical. Their mindset has changed because of the environment they live in. Much freedom in their life.

But then, parents are the same. they want their children to live a good life.

Again, to emphasise, these days most of the parents have great expectations from their children. they like to build the child's life the way they want. So a child has a deceived independence.

Whatever be it, this was just a passing thought and I felt like putting them in words. Some of these thoughts may be justified and some not by the readers. Perceptions can vary, but an individual thought at times takes its shape in words like the one here.

I feel happy to remember those bygone days again.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day is celebrated all across this vast country. Those were the days and years of my study life when we waited for this special day to come so that we could also pay our deep respect and gratitude to ours teachers. But today I felt there was not much noise in the media about this special day in the life of every student. There is much hue and cry about Asaram, Vanzara, Crimes like Rape and Violence that has spread all across this country. So why not give a special space to this wonderful day of Teacher-Student relationship.

If we ask a student why Teachers’ day is celebrated, can get back a blank look and a fumble with words. Dear children, to all those who don’t know about this day can read few words that I have written here. Some may like it and others…think me to be a fool to write all this. They will say, “Look at the heap of rubbish she is trying to push on us”.


Read here about Homeschooling


“No regrets” and I go on…

Having taken the advantage of this day about the teacher-student relationship I want to remember Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan the second President of India. His birthday is celebrated as Teachers’ day. If there wouldn’t have been teachers, we would have been deprived of getting teachings. Teachers are also responsible for making great men/women and in nation building. Good teachers will always be remembered.

On this day I also remember my teachers of school, college and university days. My respect to all of them.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Modi Syndrome and Dadababu

Our Videshi Dada has created a furore with his comment on Modi. Why so much is being said and discussed about Modi?

Modi has become a hero...positive or negative...they know the best who think about him...for love or in fear...

Some Members of Parliament have tried to move from the Indian shores to the American land by expressing their views via a letter, pitching their voice against Modi. Is the American President, so silly a man, to read the lines of these pseudo secular people and then rest his decision basing on their thoughts?

Even in a small family, if there is any problem, no one will like to wash their family’s dirty linen on the street and lo behold, these people are trying to do a dirty work in spreading their dirty thought overseas.

Is there no protocol for the members of Parliament? I think there is as they take an oath before taking up their responsible seats. Anyway, the Modi Syndrome has bitten into them.

Fear, anger or hatred...for what?...that makes this man all the more popular with every wrong move taken against him.

Even our learned Dadababu knowingly has made this mistake.

Nothing positive will emerge from negative thoughts. Leave aside all the ugly thought which is turning the issue murkier and let the intelligent people of this nation decide who is right and who is wrong.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Kedarnath – Uttarakhand Tragedy – One Month On...

A month gone, the tragedy of Uttrakhand is still fresh in the memory. The disaster was so great, it makes one wonder as to how and why this happen at all.

Reasons may be many, but, who will take the responsibility for the events that caused the devastation.

The whole thing brings to mind a simple but grave thought – why was Nature so furious? Was mankind responsible for Nature’s fury?

The more we will destroy nature and the natural habitat, the more disaster we will face, can well be read from this happening.

Kedarnath, the holy shrine, which most of the Hindus will like to visit once in lifetime. At the same time, to go to this holy place is not so easy. A thought of this takes me back to that day when I was lucky to visit and get the Darshan of Baba Kedarnath.

After travelling all the distance from Delhi, before proceeding for Kedarnath, it was a night halt at Gaurikund. This is that place that has also been washed away in this landslide and flood that came down all the way from the land of Kedarnath.

I still remember how we had to climb up many many steps to reach out our halting place, the GMVN guest house. From the window we could see below boys and men playing the board game of Carrom, betting and win for some and loss for some others.

The next morning started early. After a short walk of about a kilometre we reached the spot where horses and dolis are available to move uphill. One can move uphill on foot as well, but the terrain is difficult. Soon we were on horsebacks and moved on. Actually here one can get the sight and smell of the beauty of nature. As we moved on we saw the sunrise and how the first Sun’s rays kissed the snowclad mountain tops to give them the golden colour.

Picturesque indeed and natural touch of gold on the hills was a sight to see and remember. The sight reminded me of Satyajit Ray’s Bengali film ‘Sonar Kella’, though the situation in the film was in the deserts of Rajasthan, but the thought was moreover the same.

Kedarnath is 14 Kilometres from Gaurikund. After travelling halfway, we stopped at Rambara for food. Hot parathas and sabzi and hot tea was a treat.

After half an hour’s halt we moved on. Before noon we reached Kedarnath dham. We put up at the GMVN guest house cottage in Kedarnath as we had decided to halt overnight. The cold was biting, but, after freshening up we went for the Lords Darshan. After lunch it was sightseeing. Nature’s beauty can be found in bounty there. Looking at the snow clad mountains was something that the eyes saw and will be remembered for life. We had been advised to ask for oxygen cylinder if anyone felt breathless at night. Two layers of warm clothes and two quilts and blankets still could not keep away the biting cold.

The sadhus are many in number at Kedarnath. They keep themselves warm by smearing their body with ash. Their living makes one amazed...in the biting cold they keep warm with the cover of ash?

The special individual puja was performed by the Head pandit of the temple, in the early morning hours made us happy as we got a close view and the blessings of Baba Bhole Nath.

The next morning, after breakfast, we were on horseback to get back to Gaurikund.

Kedarnath is a place of pilgrimage for the Hindus. They go there with so much Bhakti and Shraddha in their heart and mind. But this destruction and wreckage has cost so many lives. The rivers had shown their ugly face and washed away so many lives and destroyed huge number of homes.

Like humans, nature too likes to exist within the framework of its own rules and regulations. Nature also does not like interference. So why play with another kingdom – Nature’s Kingdom -- when we don’t like others to come in our way.

A lesson if not learnt will make us pay the price.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Simple Summer Tips

When the summer sun beats on us we find out ways to beat the heat. That’s what summer is all about. There are many simple ways to fight the heat of the hot days of summer in India. Summer days no doubt make life miserable, but that’s what season’s are all about. Summer’s soaring mercury brings with it a host of health complains dry skin, sun burns, rashes, itching and prickly heat along with mental and physical discomfort.

There are simple ways to beat the heat. Look good and keep healthy with some easy-to-follow tips.

Increase fluid intake:  During summer there is loss of water from the body due to sweating, so there is a lack of resistance and energy. A regular liquid intake is a must to combat dehydration.  Drink lots of water and carry water when going out and even to your work place. Drink plenty of fruit juices, green coconut water and lassi (curd helps to keep the cool in the body). Eat lots of fruits like grapes and water melons to keep the body cool and regulate heat.

Eat right food: Avoid non-vegetarian and rich oily food. Freshly cooked vegetarian food is easily digestible and good source of fluid and is also low in calories. Try to stay away from street food. A diet rich in fruits and liquids will keep the body cool.

Avoid caffeine: Avoid tea and coffee breaks as much as possible. Caffeine dehydrates the body, choose caffeine free drinks, decaffeinated tea or coffee and switch to more water breaks.

Dress Cool: Loose fitting cool cotton outfits, preferably in light colours is best for summer wear. Avoid bulky or heavy accessories.

Make-up: Wear light make-up along with soft shades of lip gloss. The skin needs to breathe and a heavy make-up in summer hampers the process.

Protection: Use a sun screen lotion while going out in the sun to protect from sun burns. Use a hat or umbrella when going out in the sun. Reduce your travels and avoid outings.

Hair care:  Not only the skin, the hair needs care during summer. Wash your hair regularly but avoid shampooing everyday as excessive washing makes the hair dry. A short summer crop makes hair care easier, adds style and check split ends.  Use hair conditioners as it keeps the hair manageable and prevents the hair from getting dry and brittle.

Keep your cool: This is the important part of life in summer. There is increased irritation and heightened tempers both at home, at the work place and outside. So the body needs to be taken care of with relaxing, indulging in hobbies, proper rest and carry a smile on your face.

Play safe with your summer with simple daily routines so that you can remember summer once the rains come.

© gouriguha 2013

Friday, July 5, 2013

Food Security Bill and the Ordinance

Few more days and India is going to celebrate another Independence Day. If we rightly think, we can find a question rising in our mind -- What have we gained out of the Independence, we are proud of, after fighting a long Independence Struggle. And, after more than 6 decades, suddenly the UPA government realises that there are poor people existing in India who need to get FOOD SECURITY.

This brings to mind a larger thought -- were there no poor and hungry in this country before? Was there no malnutrition among children and women previously?

What do these people, who have thought of this project, think about the people of this country? This sudden love and affection for the poor raises eyebrows. Play politics but not at the cost of the people of this country who are not idiots.

This project is believed to be the pet project of someone. All these years no one in this country felt the need that the poor and the needy should have the right to eat a square meal a day and get a good night’s sleep. Why this sudden love and affection out of the blue?

The Aam Aadmi is not a Mango Man who can be sucked and left to be exploited as and when required. This country is neither a Banana Republic!

The country has recently gone through such a bad time with the disaster in Uttarakhand. The government is unable to manage this disaster with so many people left homeless and hungry. Priority should be the Uttarakhand issue. Scam after scam is coming to light but the guilty is not found and punished.

Love of power is behind all the gimmicks this present government is after. This proves that there is so much honey in that power pedestal that power lovers are not frightened of the bee sting.

Relish your honey but let the people of this country live a happy and peaceful life. Then only the DUAA/ Blessings of the people will make your life happy and peaceful.

Monday, June 17, 2013

How to Develop Your Reading Habit

Try finding something to read, so pick up any reading material like newspapers or magazines or even a book of short stories or a novel. Don’t choose a book that is too high for your level for that will be a waste of time.

Once a book is in hand, practice your reading habit. Set a time of at least 15 minutes to be spent on reading every day. Make this a habit and then increase your reading time.

Even if you are not comfortable, don’t give up. Try this again and again, don’t be ashamed for you are not a loser and don’t want to quit.

Read for the sake of pleasure and not under pressure. Too much pressure can land you into quitting this habit of reading. Simply enjoy your reading and don’t push hard for the outcome won’t be good.

You can read a review of the book before starting which makes it easier to decide whether to read it or not.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Master Chef - Kitchen ke super star and the Wow of it

Watching the cookery contest Master Chef - Kitchen ke super star on Star plus, I get the feel how passionate people are about Cooking, which is so clearly visible from the faces of the contestants. Presently Cooking contests, Cookery Blogs, interest of watching cookery shows and curiosity of people to do some magic in their kitchen has taken many hearts and thoughts by storm. Not that there was no kitchen at home, or no proper food in houses, or no eateries in towns and cities, or that people were not passionate about food, or many reasons that can crop up in one’s mind cannot contradict the fact about the rising craze for food.

Earlier there were only traditional food cooked in homes. But the broad horizon and people moving out to different parts of the world has brought in into the minds of mixing and matching different culinary to delight the palate. Thus cooking is not restricted to one’s kitchen these days, but men and women have taken a fascination of cooking up varieties of dishes, so that people can enjoy food in all forms of and not be stuck to traditional ones only. Fusion cooking makes a wide range of difference to the culinary taste.

Cooking gives pleasure to some. They like to innovate and feed people and get pleasure. You can be anywhere in the world, but food of your choice is available. This shows how cooking has crossed boundaries and become accessible.

At the thought, “If cooking would have been like politics where would it have landed”? Oh! God, there would have been chaos. Thank the Almighty, cooking is allowed to everyone and no word of “Rights” can catch it.

Watching the contestants in Master Chef - Kitchen ke super star contest is a delight. So many dishes cooked and just see the innovation that is displayed by participants. Wish the contestants the very best but then one has to come out as the WINNER. And the judges – they are simply wonderful!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chit funds, Probity and The People

The word “Chit fund” is making rounds in India very recently, mainly in the States of Bengal and Orissa (Odisha). Many people in both the states have been very keen in investing their money in “Chit funds” who have made big names, and, come up with promises to give back hefty returns for their investments. But all these promises have fallen flat when after running these financial institutions, they have not kept their promises and have shut down the shop to their investors once and for all.

There are people who are literate enough to know that they are investing for their greed, to earn more at higher rate of interests. But many poor people, having fallen in this trap, have lost their hard earned money, and are just out of their minds, know not what to do in such a situation with many committing suicide.
The word “Probity” has worked wonders for those running the “Chit funds”. But, always a word is not enough to be the Guarantor. Before investing into something that is totally Private, better to check up, and understand the pros and cons.

It is really a sorry state of affairs that people have become so money-minded these days. There are so many Nationalised and Government banks in this country where the Reserve Bank of India is there at the head and monitor. This builds confidence in people. Rate of interests are fixed and one can remain assured that their money is not running into some fraudulent hands. Knowing all this people make a fool of themselves, either their greed overcomes their mental balance or a thought to get rich overnight leads them to invest in “Chit funds” that promise high returns which to a cool mind can say, “This will bring trouble later on”.

Who is to blame when the “Chit funds” Dupe the people:

·         It can be the People
·         It can be their Ignorance
·         It can be their Temptation
·         It can be the Alluring Schemes
·         It can be their thought of Savings

The people who have lost their money have been trapped by the “Chit fund” promoters in their “Ponzi Schemes”. The warning bell has already rung and if after all this people don’t become aware they will run into trouble again.

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