Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Fudge

The last time when I wrote about the IPL it was about the combo of cricket and entertainment. Read hereNow the whole IPL thing is getting murky with so many controversies building up.

I feel the whole IPL thing is more about money, power, politics, glamour and less of the game. Some want to make big money out of this. And many players have become gainers monetarily...good for the cricketers.

The game of cricket, which once used to be so gentlemanly, has now become business for some. Is it not time to let the game remain a game and entertain its followers instead of making a mess of it for the vested interest of some?

Don’t hound the game to make personal money and fame out of it? Don’t go to such a level where the whole bubble of the IPL will burst leaving behind only thin air.

I want cricket to be the game I love to see. What do you think?


  1. IPL is all about--Politics-Media-Underworld and betting nexus.

  2. Chowlaji, so very true. And now with the worms crawling out, its just a wait and watch matter for the common man.

    Where there is too much money and sharing such things do happen. Now this whole episode has become like 'a dog-fight on the streets'.

    Where does this whole IPL thingy stands...only Future can tell.