Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Indian Premier League (IPL) – Combo of Cricket and Entertainment

The IPL (Indian Premier League) cricket matches kick-started just after the conclusion of the Hockey World Cup Tournament. Indian Hockey team broke the hearts of the hockey lovers of this country. With India hosting the World Cup (Hockey), many people got a chance to watch the matches live in Delhi. The number of hockey fans increased wishing India at least to be in the top 4. Anyway there is hope of doing better the next time. “Don’t let down your fans Indian Hockey Team”.

Cricket has always been a game close to the hearts of most of the Indians. People clap when the ball is hit for a 4 or a 6. Many people are well aware of this...bowling, batting, bowled out, run-out...some common terms people follow while watching the match live on TV. So you need not understand the details of the game of cricket to be a religious follower. Starting from the common man on the street to the housewife they enjoy the game. Is it "Time Pass" for many?
...scratches head...

Now IPL has come up with the combination of entertainment with this game. Indian Premier League is in the look out of the IPL singer of the year...a singing competition with the IPL tag.

Newspaper report said the Indian premier league has added fashion, food and celebrities to the stadium experience. So what do we draw out of this experience? Is cricket changing its face and colour to some extent.

For me I’m not cheering any particular team. I adore the great cricketers of my country and when they are scattered here and there, who will I cheer for?

Now the sad news is, there are a lot of injuries in many teams. Dhoni, Gambhir, Graeme Smith, Zaheer Khan, are some names among many more. Sooooo...
...and be strong and fit to play for your country.

Lalit Modi is finding ways to make the IPL more alluring to the people. For how long is to be seen.

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