Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Wishes for 2011

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pak Onions Ind(i) Curries

Onions make you cry...believe me this is true...

When did I cry ‘With’ or ‘For’ the onions last time? That’s a tricky question for me and also for many.

When a question comes it needs an answer.

With Onions...

Last time when I cooked meat...aha! more specific...when I peeled and sliced the onions tears ran down my cheeks...and then the perfect onion paste was ready within minutes...Mixie Magic...that was last weekend...

For onions...

And now I cry again for onions...soaring prices...says catch me if you can...taking the sudden flight...hurt in the price rise and so makes me cry... Pak onions trickling into India...mind you no visa no passport...

...steps smartly into Ind(i) in the kitchen...cooked and curried...

Safe curry, tasty Bite.

Share your thoughts.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ponder About...

Today I’m in no mood to write about Raja and his fraud. Nor am I interested in the CWG arrest and the next happening. Nor would I like to talk about all the wrong doings that’s happening in India. For now I am more concerned about the sufferings of the people whom I went to visit yesterday.

Yesterday I felt very sad after returning from my visit from the Cancer hospital of AIIMS. Then I got the touchiest feeling in my life after visiting Shanti Avedna Sadan. Till now never knew such a place existed.

You can read about my visit to these two places here

I feel why not make life meaningful as long as we live. Have no more words to express myself.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi 3-14 October...all for the love of Games and Sports

 Logo of the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games

Shera, official Mascot of CWG 2010

Opening Ceremony of Delhi 2010 CWG

Days before the Commonwealth Games 2010 started there was so much of hue and cry. But the whole heat drowned once The Games were declared Open. People looked forward to seeing and witnessing the different events of Games and Sports...either in the Stadium or sitting at home watching on their television sets.

The Games has reached its last leg now. Most of the events have been over and now I look forward for the Closing ceremony.

Speaking of the Closing Ceremony, it reminds me of the Opening Ceremony which was held in the Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, and was indeed a great and magnificent extravaganza. Each and every Indian wanted The Games to be a great success. Who doesn’t like to write and read a success story of one’s own country?

All that had been said and heard earlier was lost as people got interested in seeing, hearing and knowing about the different games and sports events of their choice. Being a lover of sports and games and a sports person in my early days, I was happy to see the different events going on smoothly. It felt good when my fellow country sports persons won medals for the country. Not only was that a great moment in their life but it was also a proud moment for India and every Indian.

At first I was happy watching the different events on my TV. This was all because of the comfort of the home. Later on I thought of going to the stadium, by then I found the tickets had been sold out. No regrets for I was happy to follow The Games on my television set.

The Commonwealth Games 2010 has written success story for so many and they will go home feeling happy and making their country proud.

The athletes from the different countries are happy and satisfied...why not after all India is a lovely country and the people here are so good in taking care of their guests...after all we believe “atithi devo bhaba”...There has been grumbles, which is soft, and, lost.

Delhi looked so clean and decked up for the big happening. And the people of this wonderful city adjusted so well. Wish the city can be so good all respects.

The Games came and will go but the good memories will remain...all for the love of sports and games. And then what mind tells me...just wait and watch...

Speaking of the Commonwealth Games 2010, it has been a great success and hope the participants will go home with good memories.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Talking Newspaper Advertisement

Morning of September 21, after having my morning cup of tea, I picked up the morning English daily from the front balcony. Like every other day the newspaper boy had done his job of distribution.

As I picked up the paper, I felt something hard within the usual folds. Opening it up something began to talk...totally taken by surprise had to look around to find where the strange voice was coming from. It was utter surprise to find a small black plastic case attached to the back page from where the all the talking was coming. With a closer look I found it was the talking advertisement of the New Volkswagen Vento sedan. This was a box, doubtless working on a battery and it took some time to stop the talking...folding it up the sound vanished in thin air. For how long the battery will last, I know not, but I’m surprised at this new and innovative Ad.

It’s a new beginning of its kind in advertisement and no doubt name of this product will remain in the minds of the people for a long time...until and unless the old newspaper lot is sold off as raddi to the kabadiwala.

My daily TOI (Times of India) brought this magic into my home. I’ve kept this tucked away in a safe place so that I can share this unique and interesting Ad with others...for those who didn’t get a chance of seeing and hearing this new and innovative idea.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Thoughts

I have been thinking a lot. Why? No simple answer. Thoughts are floating like clouds in my mind.

Not feeling comfortable...very thoughtful about the havoc the floods are creating. Yes...the summer this year had been so very hot in Delhi. And now the rains...are continuing...making life difficult.

Why has the river...our sacred Ganga getting so furious? Possibly her patience has given away. Not even once did the people think before dumping all the dirt into her waters. Factories let the poisonous materials fall into her lap. Again I’m thinking...maybe she was so choked, couldn’t even breath properly. She had to find a way to clean herself of all this.

Haan...and all the sins that folks have washed in her waters...and just see the state of affairs of the Common Wealth Games...sinful happenings from the corridors of dishonesty. This is the first thing I can think as of now. Corruption...Foot overbridge collapsing...not Humpty Dumpty having a fall...hardly matters if the poor worker is injured or loses his life... a part of the False Ceiling of a Stadium falling down...and the whole mess has come to light.

I am thoughtful again...why not...did you not hear the same I CWG official said...Their hygiene is different from Ours. So we are ready to sleep on the bed a stray dog sleeps, use toilets and bathrooms with stains...doesn’t matter...

Ha ha ha...after all the skin colour matters.

So Man you said can live in filth with no hygiene...but you don’t for you live in luxury but can spill out Big Big Words. But I live the life of a human being and it is same for me as your Their.

What about our Yuv Raj...our Youth Leader...lost in this moment of crisis...otherwise speaks a lot...

Jinxed. Why does this word strike my mind now...why... maybe a random thought.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My 100th Post

Today I’ve hit a century...not in a game of cricket...this is my 100th blog post...can’t imagine having written so many blog posts. It has been a different feeling being a part of this virtual world...making friends whom you don’t know in person, yet share your thoughts in this widespread world. When I started writing my blogs, never once thought I will reach this mark.

The Blogosphere has given me friends...not only in this space but also in the other blog spots I have. It is a great feeling when I read a comment from a fellow the feeling that I’m being read...and I also love to share my comments with others.

I would like to thank all my friends who have read my posts patiently and given their observations as comments. With your love and support, I've moved ahead and hope your support will remain with me. It will be a great pleasure if I can make more friends.

Thanks everyone, once again, for your great support and I’m very happy to be here. This is a journey which I’ve taken and enjoyed and will continue...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today I got up late. And you know very well how the whole daily routine goes shaky due to late rising. But there was a time...when no burden of responsibility was on my young shoulders...those school and college days...days when Ma was there to look after all the needs.

And now everything is so different. Being the wife, the mother and the lady of the home...ouch! shoulder is burdened with responsibilities. I am very honest in doing my home duties...and grumbles do reach my ears which I brush aside and carry on.

Getting up late landed me in trouble. I couldn’t finish my cooking. Left it unfinished, ran in for a quick shower, got ready in minutes and was soon locking the front door to go for my everyday duty. This is something very special to me. So I increased my walking pace to be there in time.

As I walked briskly along the narrow lanes of the colony something very colourful and interesting caught my eyes. I saw a beautiful Butterfly sitting on the branch of a tree. I stood there watching the butterfly. The wings had the natural combination of so many colours, a patchy work of dots and round patches. As I stood transfixed drinking in all the beauty of this small living thing, my thoughts started sinking into the past. In school and at home we ran after the butterflies trying to catch them. There was so much greenery all around, bees visited the flowers to collect honey, dragonflies flew all around and so many different colourful butterflies could be seen happily making rounds among the trees and flowers. Nature is getting buried under the concrete jungle in the cities at present. Watching this butterfly moving its wings was a pleasant sight...very rare. I think my movement scared the butterfly who was gone in no time.

I was sad for a moment as I could not take a picture of it. Wish I had my camera...but wishes don’t come out to be true always...

As I walked on I felt in this fast growing world how much have we gained or lost...a mental battle which I fought till I reached my destination.

The picture of this beautiful butterfly in my mind’s eye will remain for a long time...and I will surely enjoy every thought about it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Teachers’ Day

This year Teachers’ Day passed off so quietly. The media didn’t bother to make an elaborate coverage of this special important for the teacher-student relationship.

At other times, the electronic media will be crying out loud day in and day out. The Kalmadi issue...what a hue and cry. Even the print media did not carry much news and information of importance of Teachers’ Day.

The question that comes to mind is, should there be a lot of spice and should it be a masala story to be talked about day in and day out by the media. When the topic of nation building comes up media is more concerned talking about the Young Generation...of Rahul Gandhi and Co. In all this they forget to remind the Indians about the importance of Teachers’ Day.

The teacher-student relationship is very important. Teachers are the guide and students their followers. Teachers carry the burden and responsibility of creating and making and bringing out the good from their students. With time the purity in this relationship is losing ground.

At such a time it is better to bring back the image of this relationship...for this we have a special day and why not take advantage of it. This day also gives us the chance of letting our younger generation know about this great personality of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishanan. Nowadays most of the school children do not know the names of the present President and Prime Minister of India. They are more concerned about computer games, video games, movies, fast food...the names of the different fast food joints pour out as soon as you ask them...and less interested in reading and knowing about great personalities and the good things of life.

They will be stunned to hear the name of Dr. Radhakrishnan...a name Latin and Greek to many...and what more they don’t even know he was the second President of India. The children are interested in going abroad but have no idea this man had taught in the west, written many books and what a great teacher he was. They don’t even know that when some of his students wanted to celebrate his birthday he refused saying, “instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my proud privilege if September 5 is observed as Teachers' day”. It shows his love for teaching and teachers and in this he has folded the students into it.

Teaching profession is so noble. We should respect our teachers and not disgrace them. In return teachers have this hard task of showering blessings, imparting good education and help the nation to let the children grow under their guidance to become good citizens which our country needs.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Past Continuous…the after effect still remains…

I have seen rivers rising because of heavy rains in the rainy days. When the warning bell rang, people flowed in huge numbers to the riverside to see the fury of the river, all for the flood.

Now Delhi, India’s capital city has flooded streets. So you need not go to the Yamuna banks to see the rising water.

It may seem like a Once Upon a Time Storyin my childhood days, we managed to tear out pages from our used note books…those which were of no use…make paper boats and let them flow in the drains. Happy to have lived in independent houses where there was a courtyard, washed every morning with lots of water splashed across and the broom swept off the water to the side drain that flowed out into the main drain. A separate block housed the kitchen, the store room and the sacred Puja area…a room very special where idols of different Gods were housed and a space very much dedicated to the gods of the house. The main living area, with long running verandah, where the morning sun bathed the floor with its first rays…inviting to rise early and enjoy the birds chirping and enjoy the cool fresh air around. In winter quits, pillows, blankets, were put out in the sun on the verandah…bathe in the heat and give comfort from the cold at night.

There was so much work in the garden. Roses…small and big of different colours…attracted the honey bees who flirted with them, fussing with the sweet small and then fly away.

…cabbage, tomatoes, ladyfingers, green chillies, cauliflower, brinjal (egg plant), fresh green coriander, fresh mint leaves…and more in one’s own garden.

The guava trees, we climbed…physical fit activity with childhood fun and frolic…, mangoes on the trees in summer, bananas green and ripe, lemon, amrah (sour fruit), jamrool (a fruit), papaya…cook it raw and eat when ripe and sweet… That was life not out of a story book not very long ago. The flowers like togor and joba, grew in abundance, plucked early in the morning and placed in the flower basket…washed and ready to offer to the gods.

We breathed fresh air, rode cycles, and cycle rickshaws for convenience. Cars were not so common…each family did not have 2/3/4 cars as of now. Cars were indeed a luxury. Buses and trains …summer vacation travel was so much enjoyable. And going by air…simply a dream. But boat rides in the local river sometimes…what an experience!

The chullah…coal was used to light the fire…was kept burning for a long time…Baba would ask for tea anytime, some special dishes cooked for guests who arrived without notice. And Ma was never unhappy to entertain untimely guests…Atithi Devo Bhabha…helping hands to assist her.

…and pets were looked after with so much care and love. Parrots, dogs, cats, common pets. Build a pen and then house the hens and enjoy the fresh eggs…wrap the fresh egg in the palm and feel the heat… Pigeons pecked the mustard seeds from the palms and flew round and round in the evenings to come back to their home built from wooden plans with a wire mesh to keep away the cats.

No washing machines but clothes soaked in soap water for an hour or half and then rubbed and scrubbed and washed under the tap to dry out in the sun.

Achar jars lined out in the sun when the sunshine was strong to avoid fungus from layering the top. The puja room stacked the pickle bottles and only one person allowed to serve this stuff which would last for the whole year.

Today, as I looked out of my second floor window, thoughts of the life I have lived came knocking at my minds door. Home…limited space, movement restricted…have to think thrice to go down the steps to the road. Life has gone through a change and I have the computer to write down my thoughts.

Adjustment is the right word but the Missing Effect remains...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Common Wealth Games (CWG) 2010 of India and of Delhi

In the name of the Games (CWG) there are so many Hullabaloos at present. The noise is all about the common wealth that’s being squandered in the name of this Sporting Event.

Even before the track and field and the indoor events have started, it seems a special Relay race is going on. Allegations are running down from one to another. The first shot is fired with cases of bribery, and then it runs into faulty contracts with some contracts being made without written documents. The relay moves on next into unfinished stadiums where the leaky roofs give evidence of the type of finish the places are going to get. Then it heads towards those fitness equipments meant to be there on hire for India does not want to produce athletes in future as fitness equipments are going to go once the games are over.

Delhi looks more like a dug-up city with roads caving in here and there and no respite from traffic congestion. In giving a makeover to this city it has created more mess than anything worth looking at. Most believe Delhi was much better before, and, the changes have not brought about anything worth a word of praise. Money has been simply squandered in the name of the Games.

With the date of the Games coming closer the locals are not at all interested in going to watch the different events. Instead with the closure of the schools during that time many will prefer to stay away from this city for there will be lot of traffic problem.

With the work coming to an end very soon so many labourers will be left without any work. Where will they go and what will they do. The state government will try to evict the shanties of these labourers put up on the roadside. This is going to a huge problem soon after the Games are over. And then the government at the Centre and the State will play a blame game and leave the people to suffer silently.

But the rich and powerful will have a sound sleep in their luxurious rooms having power and some having made lots of money in the name of the Games.

If this topic starts burning, political heads will divulge into another topic to let this die a silent death and see no digging is done to find what lies deep down.

A new burning topic will come up and politics will play its own game but life of the AAM AADMI will move on.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Not That Simple as Words

Saturday and Sunday soaked Delhi with heavy shower. It did bring much relief from the heat but trouble doesn’t like to leave the people of this city. With the rains, some of the roads were filled with water. For a child to see water all around is no doubt fun...making paper boats from pages torn from old note books and see them move down. But for the daily commuters’, life came to a standstill in many areas...traffic jam building up and waiting time to reach the destination taking hours...all for the water-logging.

There is every reason for the people to ask the authorities for explanation. Then, who cares for the common man now???...the system keeps mum and life moves on with all the trouble mesh.

The CWG (Common Wealth Games) is just round the corner with so much said and heard about (the coming CW Games) it. No doubt after all the revelations, trickling out one by one, surely and truly it’s the COMMON Man’s WEALTH that’s being squandered away in the name of the Games. No time to think –- that’s for every common man -- as life has to move on.

But where does the Price Rise in this country take us. Price Rise has become the POCKET MAAR (robbing one’s pocket) of the AAM AADMI (Common man) clear words this can be related to stealing the purse of the people of India who toil hard to survive. The salaried households have cut down on many items from their regular monthly budgets to meet the everyday needs of the family.

The country is running through a difficult time...unrest on our borders and disturbances within the country in many states...reasons are countless.

Life is so unsafe in the capital city Delhi where happenings like murder, rape, suicide, dacoity, burglary, accidents have become regular happenings, and, all leading to loss of life. When everything other than a precious life is getting expensive, Life appears to be getting cheaper and cheaper...which direction are we moving towards, remains unjustified. When said in words all this looks so simple but Reality is tough to bear.

At this juncture we stand on such a threshold where it is necessary to find ways to make life run easily and this has to be concerted effort for one and all.

Life is Beautiful. Isn’t it?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

When Break Comes Calling...

In a kids book it reads “A for Apple, B for Ball”...

No, no, no, no, today for me B reads “B for Break”...for now and for some more days to come.

I’ve fallen in love with this word Break.


It’s going to bring a lot of difference in my life as long as I’m going to stay with it.

Living with my Break...already I can see Relaxation inviting me.

Once I meet Relaxation I know I will have Peace knocking at my door.

Peace, because there’ll be so much Leisure time for me.

And in company of Leisure I’ll have my own Freedom and, Choice will be my own.

With Freedom and Choice I’ll be my own Sovereign.

All this is with me as I’m enjoying a BREAK...yes for some days the Computer and the Internet will leave my company.

In all this I’ll be away from my very own Blogging World...will very much miss my friends who read and give their views. And I’ll miss reading blogs of my other blogger friends.

It is only for a short period...this is a much awaited time I’d been looking forward last it has happened.

The first week of the July will see me again getting busy and my life falling into place with the busy schedule I live in.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer and...some Thoughts...and Rants...

How much I talk about summer days I can still go on and on and on with my Summer rants. With big words like Global Warming, really it is a thoughtful worry. Summer has stretched much longer now than those hot days which I have enjoyed many years back.


Yes enjoyed!!!

Enjoyed for...I remember my schooldays, and the summer holidays...tucked away by Ma in the dark room in the afternoon, not for the sake of punishment, but with windows closed and thick summer curtains drawn way for even a small streak of light to come in. The ceiling fan going round and round...the merry-go-round memory comes rewinding back to my mind again.

Merry-go round...

Yes. There used to be melas with merry-go-rounds, and how great it was to choose the animal back to sit on with men making it possible for the merry-go-round to go round and round, so many laughter’s so many cries spilling out from some riders...all manual handiwork then and now it’s all mechanical. Is the motorized process helping the global warming?


Mango achar (pickle), so many varieties (as I write my mouth is watering at the thought of it) bottled and making way to a safe place for this stock had to last till the arrival of the next annual yield.

...the ice-cream wallah calling out at the top of his voice...drawing attention mostly of the children. With a single coin in hand it was great peeping inside the ice-cream seller’s wooden pushcart where there was his candies in red, yellow, white and orange. His pushcart layered with lots of ice so that the ice candies did not melt. Handing him the coin what a pleasure it was to take the candy in hand and suck and bite into it till it was fully finished.

And then the Kalboishakhi-r Jho-ard (the summer rains accompanied with strong winds), the short spell of hail storms occasionally, and lots of games to play at home. Indoor when the sun was hurting and, outdoor once the western sky began to dab the red-tinged-gold colour from the setting sun.

It was the hide-and-seek game, the crocodile and the land game, and the effort of carrying water to the terrace top to wash the terrace floor so that we could sleep there under the dark star studded skies. The moon played with the clouds...the hero of the night sky...and the breeze caressing the sleeping bodies out there. So much fun it was to sleep in the open...

A bath in the river and the splash, the jump into the water body, the swim, hah! At times went for a boat ride in the evening.

It was great to have our near and dear ones during the holidays...what a great time it was.

Now one houses sit one on top of another to rise higher and higher. Living space reducing as the price of each building is climbing with time. Urbanisation has brought down the size of the living homes...some elders call them Match Box Homes or a Pigeons Home.

As I sit and write these words I am happy for then and also for now...for I live in the present world and have to live in it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Review of the book Upside Down and the Good Feeling

It was a great experience to be a part of Blogathon 1 which was announced by Tulika Books. And being a part of it Tulika Books gave me the advantage to write the review of a book from their publishing house.

I had a great feeling that day when I received a copy of the book “Upside Down” sent to me by this publishing house which publishes Children’s Books. It was great writing the review of the book “Upside Down”. And believe me I enjoyed writing...a kid’s book and some thoughtful time spent to write about it. Here you’ll find my thoughts about this book. So read on...

Review of the Book “Upside Down”.

Upside Down is a picture book. I think the author T.R. Rajesh made a very thoughtful step in creating this book in the upside down style. As this book is for age 3+ kids, it is the pictures that convey the message. The concept of this book is very good. Sitting with the kid opposite to her and the book in-between them, the mother opens up the pages one by one. Here the upside down idea, the author has used, is found to be useful. The child sees the pictures as they should be while the mother is able to explain to her child about the elephant and temple, boat and river, children and school, cow and street, ducks and mud, women and fields and the owl and trees.

This book comes handy for a mother to put in plain words about nature, animals and common environment we come across in everyday life in small towns and villages.

The illustrations could have been better worked out. But it is a very good picture book for very young children, a good presentation of a new concept by the author.

Friday, June 11, 2010

More Bangla Rhymes for Tulika's Blogathon 4

I want to share some more Bangla songs and rhymes for Tulika’s Blogathon 4. How can I forget this clapping song? It reads in Bangla as:

Tai, tai, tai,
Mamar badi jai,
Mama diloo dudu bhatu
Boshe boshe khai,
Mami aelo thanga niyae,
Phuroot kore palai.

The translation:
Clap, clap, clap,
Going to my Mama’s (maternal uncle) house,
Mama gave some rice and milk,
I sit and eat,
When Mami (auntie) comes with a stick,
I run away at once.

This is another popular Lullaby which mothers and other elders sing to bring slumber to the little one. I also sang this song when I wanted to put my children to sleep, sometimes in an angry mood and more often with all the love in the patting on the back.

Ghum parani mashi pishi
Moder bari esho,
Khat debo palonk debo
Chouki pete bosho.
Bata bhore paan debo
Gaal bhore kheyo,
Khukur chokhey ghum nai
Ghum diye jeyo

Translated form:
Auntie’s who bring sleep
Visit our home,
Will bring for you the cot along with the bedding
For now sit on the chair.
Will give you the Paan (betel leaf) container filled with paan
To chew and enjoy as you stuff them in your cheek,
For now the Little One has no sleep in her eyes
Give her some sleep before you leave.

Some of the rhymes have little sense in them, maybe all because the song was sung to rhyme and the words were not so much thought about when they were formed. I feel some words have changed as they have come down from one to another. But these will remain a part of our close to our hearts.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bangla Rhyme for Tulika Blogathon 4

I’m really happy to be a part of Tulika’s Blogathon 4. It is interesting, remembering Grandma and Ma’s songs and rhymes for the kid...that too in our mother tongue.

Sharing one of the Bangla rhymes I grew up listening to as a kid. As a mother, the words of these rhymes fell out of my mouth for my children like unforgotten words.

This is more of a lullaby, but can be sung for the little one whenever the mother wants to. The mother sits cross legged on the floor, maybe on the mud washed floor, a hard cement floor or a mat. The baby sleeps on her lap and she sings...

Aaye aaye Chanda Mama teep diye ja,

Mach kutle muro debo,

Dhan bhangle kuro debo,

Kalo goroor doodh debo,

Doodh kete bati debo,

Aaye aaye Chanda Mama teep diye ja.

The mother cradles the child in her lap, makes an up and down movement of the folded leg... the side where the child’s head is placed. The soft swing movement goes on as she sings...

...she sings the first line, places the fingertip of her first finger on the child’s forehead and looks out inviting the Chanda Mama, the Moon, to come and put a tika on the child’s head.

...the meaning of the lullaby, the song, follows...

Come, come Chand mama, put a tika on the forehead,

When I cut the fish into pieces, I’ll give you the head,

I’ll give you the husk when I separate it from the paddy,

When I milch my black cow I’ll give you some milk,

And I’ll give you a bowl to drink the milk from,

Moon Uncle, come and put a tika on my child’s forehead.

The end words of each line rhymes with the next. As this song is repeated again and again, the cradling and the soft swing created by the lap brings sleep to the child.

Till date a Mother and Grandma’s song for the baby holds so much importance in the life of a child. These words become a part of life and bring pleasure and nostalgic memories even by remembering them.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Is Homeschooling Balanced?

Yesterday, The Times of India carried the front page headline, “Just 14 & homeschooled, he’s Delhi IIT-JEE topper”.

Imagine a boy of 14, having no exposure to regular schools, made his way to the top at such a young age.

The concept of Homeschooling is not a very familiar word in India. This concept is spreading but still not widespread in our country.

A little research showed that many parents in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai have turned to homeschooling and stopped their children from going to regular schools.

Talking of homeschooling many thoughts crop up in the mind...the advantage and disadvantage of it. Before going into extended issues, let’s have an examination about home schooling.

In simple words Homeschooling is a choice by parents to provide Elementary to High School level education to their children at home.

Talking to the parents one can find how dissatisfied they are with the regular schooling system (both private and government schools). You can hear their complaints in simple words like; there is too much study pressure, heavy bags they have to carry everyday on the young shoulders, so much of home work, classrooms with a large number of students which denies personal attention to the child by the teacher, problem with the regular school transport, child deprived of getting admission into the desired school, influence by friends, etc. So many different issues bring the thought of Homeschooling to the mind of the parents. It is not an easy task as many decisive factors are involved in this venture.

In such circumstances, Homeschooling comes as a respite. In homeschooling the child studies at home under the guidance of the parent or teachers who come to teach them at home. Parents work out the day’s study schedule that works best for the child. There is flexibility in timings, set a learning schedule that allows the child to be comfortable with. Can be flexible with the curriculum by seeing what needs to be taught how and when. You are free to control by laying emphasis on the subjects that need more attention. And overall the child receives individual attention and the parent can see the child grow under personal supervision from day to day. As Homeschooling is flexible the child gets the scope to pick up other ideas and concepts the parent feel is right for the child. Above all this system helps the parent to know the child better at every level. There are web sites, support groups and books that can come as a help for those who are interested to know more about it.

Homeschooling brings with it the advantages but we cannot ignore the disadvantages. Homeschooling is a full-time job even if there is a tutor to teach the child. It needs lots of effort, preparation, dedication and concentration which may seem impossible at times for the parent with all the responsibility of the home. This is also very expensive affair while providing all the necessary resources for the growth and development of the child. Children tend to lack development of their social skills which is important for the growth of a child. So they should join some support groups or go to the park to play and mingle with other children. This system can leave behind the thought in the mind of the child that they are missing out something, social interaction becomes a must. For special children, this may be helpful. Homeschooling creates a lot of pressure and leave very little personal space for the parent. Before taking up Homeschooling for the child the parent must be sure that the child can be controlled at home and at the same time will be benefitted with the teaching he/she receives at home.

Homeschooling do miss out all activities that is there in a Regular school. That’s the vacuum the child is left with. But they do have a lot of freedom in other areas as compared with the school going children. If we are to consider thoughtfully, ask any parent and they would prefer their child to go to school to complete their curriculum. A school is said to be the Temple of Learning. Here the child has space to grow as an all rounder.

As of now Homeschooling is A Little Heard Word and can be a Risky Affair and I don’t think many parents will go with it. What’s in store in future for Homeschooling, only time can tell.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 Madhu

I've been tagged by Madhu and here they come -
My Honest Replies with all conviction.

1) What is your current obsession?

Finish my cooking

2) What are you wearing today?

3) What’s for dinner?
Macher Jhol (Fish curry with gravy).

4) What’s the last thing you bought?
A packet of Agarbatti.

5) What are you listening to right now?
Remembering the rains, for a respite from the heat, in my thought this tune comes to mind - Rimjhim ke tarane leke aaee barsat...

6) What do you think about the person who tagged you?
She is a very sweet and wonderful person who is there with her comments on my blogs. I love to read her thoughts she has a cookery blog to share her kitchen’s recipes.

7) If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
In some Hill Station in India.

8) What are your must-have pieces for summer?
Cotton clothes and sun glasses.

9) If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
To a cooler place and enjoy the beauty there...and not forget to take my camera.

10) Which language do you want to learn?
So many, it’s difficult to point out a single one.

11) What’s your favourite quote?
If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end in doubts; but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties (quote of Sir Francis Bacon).

12) Who do you want to meet right now?
The Rains.

13) What is your favorite timepass?
Of course Writing.

14) Give us 3 styling tips that work for you.
Nothing much, a dab of the compact for the face, soft colour lipstick and hair neatly combed and gripped in a hair clip.

15) What is your dream job?
Would love to have a school of my own.

16) What’s your favorite magazine?

17) If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on?
Don’t want to buy anything at present.

19) Who according to you is the most over-rated style icon?
No one in particular.

20) What kind of haircut do you prefer?
Not very long, not very short either.

21) What are you going to do after this?
Eat my lunch...really hungry.

22) What are your favorite books (Movies was the question but I couldn’t come up with an answer, so I changed it to books)?
Tin Tin Comics, Enid Blyton and many others.

23) What inspires you?
A good piece of writing.

24) What do your friends call you most commonly?
The name I have.

25) Would you prefer coffee or tea?
Surely tea.

26) What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed?
Take a deep breath and chant the Gayatri Mantra.

27) What makes you go wild?
When my domestic help doesn’t turn up in the morning without any information.

28) Which other blogs do you love visiting?
Those in my blog list and also by searching.

29) Favorite Dessert/Sweet?
Rasgollas and Rabadri.

30) How many tabs are turned on in ur browser right now?

31) Favorite Season?
Winter .

32) If I come to your house now, what would u cook for me?
Egg Omelet and a glass of cold fruit juice.

33) What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you?
I avoid meeting and talking to them.

34) What are you afraid of the most?

35) When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
I need some rest.

36) What brings a smile on your face instantly?
When a sweet thought crosses my mind.

37) A word that you say a lot?
Eh Bhagwan.

38) A prayer always made ?
I remain sensitive and helpful.

39) What is that one thing that keeps you going.
My Dreams.

40) what is more important to you...being right or adjustment?
Sometimes being Right, sometimes has to be Adjustment...that’s the magic of pulling on with life.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bolo Ram – A film with my views – A Review

The film Bolo Ram has a strong star cast; Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Rishi Bhutani and a comeback for Padmini Kolhapure.

The story shows a strong mother-son relationship. The mother (Padmini Kolhapure) and her son (Rishi Bhutani) live a happy life in their small family of the duo. In this happy world comes that day when the mother is found murdered and the son sleeping beside the dead body with the knife in his hand.

Now appears the spin of the mystery – who is the murderer. The son is arrested for being the main suspect. After his arrest Ram becomes speechless.

Here steps in Om Puri who plays the role of a cop. His role as the investigator of the crime is good enough. He does justice to his role.

Naseeruddin Shah has a very short appearance in the film, that of a Psychiatrist.

The story revolves round the mystery till the end. There are flash backs which shows Ram as a short tempered and extremely sensitive person, who acts wildly when in a fit of rage. This leaves the cops to believe he may have committed the crime. The hero has played his part well.

The film also shows involvement of young men with terrorist groups. But this angle is shown under a shadow.

The climax of the story brings forth a twist in the tale. The mystery builds up till the end keeping the audience waiting to know the main culprit.

Padmini Kolhapure, a matured actress, in all fairness has done justice to the mother’s character.

I liked the film and think it is much better than many recent Bollywood releases. Overall a good film worth the time spent on watching it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mothers, Kids, Summer Vacation

This is the time when mothers, kids and summer vacation go together. This time...means the hot summer days...children kept away from the school...enjoy the long stretch of the holidays which they, why they, we all say The Summer Vacation.

A long holiday brings a tough time for the mothers. Children stay the whole day at home, fancy their every wants to be listened to, and get bored with nothing much to do at home.

No early rise, no hurrying up to get ready for the school, no everyday home work, no tension for unit tests, no tiffin box to carry to school, no heavy bag with so many text books and note books to burden the shoulder with and no teacher to see to the strict school discipline and above all no travel to and from school. So many NO’s make up the summer stay at home.

The other side has so much to say about. Lots of time to play indoor games...for Moms will never allow children to go out in the sun and suffer, and the computer becomes the best friend. DVD’s come from the library to watch movies in the AC room. Lots of good food, mummy cooks yummy yummy dishes for her child/children at home. Some go to attend summer classes and carry out their interests in...learn drawing, learn dance, learn music, learn to make clay models, and many more interesting things.

But children hate to sleep in the afternoon...why they should...only mummy wants a nap. There is so much more to do...dig into places where the pickle jars are stored and go on a rampage...when Mom realises so much has already gone into the stomach. Ice cream and cold drinks start vanishing at a very rapid pace.

The mother relives her childhood seeing her children. She recollects her childhood days and shares her memories with them.

Some children are lucky to spend some days in their native village with their grandparents, enjoying life that’s so different from their busy and hectic urban life. In the lap of nature they enjoy every moment. They see trees, flowers, fruits, animals, green fields, rivers, ponds, fishing, walking down the dusty roads with their elders meeting the village people. They enjoy the other side of life that exists in the midst of nature.

Some children miss their working mothers who like to make up their absence by letting them go to the Malls with their friends and play the different games there and eat the food of their choice. The parents, out of guilt, take the children to hill stations to spend some days. They make up their absence on weekends...going out for a movie and then having food at a good place with their children.

Summer holidays will come and go and once the school re-opens life is on the routine again.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Akshaya Tritiya – Just a thought of this auspicious day

Yesterday there were so many SMS’s for Akshaya Tritiya. No personal SMS but buy something like gold, silver and anything new.

The best way to reach out to the vast number of people is made easy with the mobile phone network, which has spread its tentacles across the length and breadth of the country. SMS’s have become common for marketing.

In Sanskrit, the word Akshaya means ‘the never diminishing’ and this day is believed to bring good luck and success. Who doesn’t like Luck and Success to be with them?

Here in Delhi people were in a mood to buy gold or silver on this auspicious day. And the jewellers  busy with business. Even the banks opened for some hours to make available gold coins for the buyers. Though the price of gold is climbing at such a fast speed, this yellow metal seems not to be losing its love with the people. Those who could not afford the priceless metal bought even the smallest item for the household – up to their affordable reach.

Some even started off with new ventures. It was a day when so many marriages were solemnised. The market place was buzzing with people...from the rich to the poor...all in the same mood...thought of the auspicious day...mood of buying...

In the town of Puri, the land of Lord Jagannath, it is a great day for the beginning of the construction of the Chariots for the Jagannath Rath Yatra of Puri.

As for me did some shopping. After all this is also buying something new from the market!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Team India's Dismal Performance at T 20 World Cup Tournament

Last night while watching the Indian Idol show on television, it was a pleasure to see so many young talents. Many girls and boys have taken to singing...some as their first love and others for the love of music. Watching this programme, this was total paisa wasool...nah nah no time waste. It is good to see budding young days to come they can be pride of India.

And our cricketers, huh! have no place to hide their face. Dhoni and his boys lost their last match...last match which was their last hope to get a place in the semis. After the IPL now it is time to play The T20 World Cup on a foreign soil. Is it the foreign pitch and the field that brings in all the difference to their game? No excuses please.

After the loss, instead of feeling the shame, Dhoni comes out before the press with an excuse...IPL's late night parties is the main cause of their miserable performance. He wanted to save his face before the cricket fans of India. The IPL tournament which he was very much part of now stinks for him. He blames the late night parties enjoyed after each and every match...of which he was an essential part. Now he says, they are a tired lot...while playing for the country? Was IPL the sweet juicy mango...the juice coming down from the hand down to the elbows...was more money the sweetener? All the Indian cricketers showed so much enthusiasm for the IPL tournament. Now don’t be the fox who says ‘the grapes are sour’.

Instead of owning up for the defeat Dhoni’s behaviour is so childish at the moment. The World Cup is just ahead and we don’t expect childish thoughts from you. Grow up man grow up, own up your responsibilities, be it loss or win.

Time for the BCCI to have a close look to find out the cause of the dismal performance of our cricketers at the T20 Tournament.

The fans of this game have been let down by their heroes. Why play so much of the game when the body doesn’t allow.

The IPL no IS a money making machine for the huge number of cricketers...some who don’t even manage to sneak into the National Team.

It should be, ‘enough is enough’. The Indian Team should have such players who will give their best when playing for the country and not look for personal monetary gain.

Now IPL is on the back seat, the battle being fought by those very much IN IT. What did this do...BCCI you were there too with the IPL Tournament...and what you did with our boys...they say their energy level has drained out when it comes to to play for the country.

Jago Fans Jago...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kasab’s Verdict and more Bitter Pills

Yesterday the country waited anxiously for the final verdict on Kasab. At last the country got to know that Kasab has got Death Penalty. Judge Tahaliyani gave the final verdict and Special Prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam was all smiles after the final judgement was made.

Now the harder question arises. Kasab is not going to the gallows very soon. It will take years if we are to go by the counts - 50 pending cases and Kasab stands 51st in that row. Now to go to the gallows one has to be in a queue. Strange isn’t it?

The bitter pill we have to swallow is the huge amount of money that’ll be spent on him on a daily basis. He will be under special care as no harm has to come to him. Kasab’s lawyer will plead for clemency and next, it’ll be waiting time. Till his last breath Kasab will be living on the tax-payers money.

Terror threats and acts of terrorism have become so common that we have come to live with it. But for how long can life continue like this. A step forward in fighting against terrorism is to execute such inhuman people at the earliest so that it can be a lesson for others who have such vicious thoughts in mind.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let Cricket be Cricket - The Game That It Is...

What’s happening in the cricket arena is a sad episode. The IPL has created such a hullabaloo that this noise pollution will take some time to drown. The game of cricket was lost in all the mess and the dirt, to be more precise, was just popping its head from the dirty mud tank to make its presence be felt as the final of the IPL 3 brought down the curtains for this season.

The IPL blame game was all because of the huge amount of money that was associated with it. So many Bigwigs who are a part of it are now washing their dirty linen clean in the water of the "Political Ganga”. Some are the guardians of power which makes it all the more easy to clean themselves in this tank.

What has so much Glamour to do with Cricket when the game in itself is so glamorous. Cheer girls had been brought in the earlier IPL tournament for whom??? - is something to ponder about. Women in the stadium in short dresses and colourful pom-pom’s in their hands, is not in the interest of the game. The late night parties after an IPL game was all for the interest of the organisers. Happenings at such party-sharty is for a handful of Kha-aas People and more of a fairy tale and distant dream of the Aam Aadmi.

Money, glamour, women, glitz and much more that only the organisers can tell about, which will remain locked in cupboards, is all because of the money that came unaccounted and is tax-free for them. I say tax-free because the top brass in the government never bothered that this could bring in so much “tax-money” to the country’s coffer. After all the common man is always there to pay his/her income tax religiously every year.

This whole IPL controversy can never be a one-man show. But now the partners are trying to save their skin and come out clean as "dhood ka dhoola". It’s become a "Pitch of Ditch". These people will bat and bowl for such time till the whole issue cools down and then foes will become friends again for all are hand in glove in this whole dirty affair.

Cricket is the game that people love to see, why bring politics into it. Let the players be sincere in the field with the bat and the ball and let people clap to their hearts content when their favourite cricket stars perform well in the game. Leave cricket to survive as the Game That It Is.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

IPL – Loser or Winner

As the days roll on the story of IPL is getting dirtier. The whole IPL saga sings more about dirty money, betting, entertainment, glamour, women, and a Pandora’s Box full of controversies. In all this mess that is doing rounds, the game of Cricket is starting to rot.

Big names are coming up one after another and now it seems that IPL was born and nourished by a handful to make big money. In this entire story the followers of IPL have been fooled as they are the viewers and spectators who is making this whole money making machine work easily.

There is a way that can be worked out to stop this dirty affair of money making come to an end. Once the people stop watching the IPL matches on television, the advertisement world will not pump in their money on a loss project. Another way of blocking the rich getting richer with our money is by not being a spectator in the cricketing field where these matches are played.

Whatever be the outcome of the Damaged IPL, the Cricket Test Matches and The One Day matches will always be close to the hearts of the cricket lovers.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Fudge

The last time when I wrote about the IPL it was about the combo of cricket and entertainment. Read hereNow the whole IPL thing is getting murky with so many controversies building up.

I feel the whole IPL thing is more about money, power, politics, glamour and less of the game. Some want to make big money out of this. And many players have become gainers monetarily...good for the cricketers.

The game of cricket, which once used to be so gentlemanly, has now become business for some. Is it not time to let the game remain a game and entertain its followers instead of making a mess of it for the vested interest of some?

Don’t hound the game to make personal money and fame out of it? Don’t go to such a level where the whole bubble of the IPL will burst leaving behind only thin air.

I want cricket to be the game I love to see. What do you think?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Is Indian Culture Losing Out with Progress and Development

The other day while shopping at a store in our neighbourhood it made me think about our rich culture. India does have a very rich heritage and culture of its own. But with progress, this is very difficult to define. I mean the word Progress that I’m talking about.

The thought of writing on this topic was all because of what I saw before my eyes. I was there in the store walking down and looking at the different items I wanted for my need. I had the bag in hand and as I handpicked the things I put them in the bag. There were very few people.

One thing that caught my eye on entering was a little girl sitting on the counter with a bottle of water. I thought her to be the child of the person who was doing the billing job but he looked more like a boy just out of his teens. So the child, probably about 3-4 years, couldn’t be his child. Soon a woman’s voice spread around the place saying, “N don’t drink any more water”.

I finished up with my shopping and came to the counter to pay. The child was sitting shaking the bottle of water and the mother making comments from somewhere in the shop. I knew for sure she would drop the bottle on someone. I had to wait as the lady had placed her things for billing and had gone to search for more items she wanted. After waiting at the counter for more than ten minutes my patience started giving way to anger. Just then a lady in shorts came up with a packet and handed it over at the counter where her billing was half done. By this time the cheeky kid with beady eyes and a mischievous smile spilled water on the counter. The man could not tell anything because he was very young or maybe the lady would react...after all such ladies give a bad name to the whole female fraternity.

This lady did not have the least sense in her and went on talking with the child in English while the child was talking in Hindi. Maybe the complex that was in her. After the billing was done she took more time to look into her handbag for her credit card. Later, after paying she took more time to check the list before she could budge. All this time she made the child sit on the counter. Later she left. It hardly took a couple of minutes to get my computerised billing done and after paying I was on my way.

This incident made me think how we are losing our very Own Culture. I think as I was draped in a sari the lady thought me to be an illiterate out-dated woman, no match for her hot pants she wore. In India there are so many languages and if I’m not wrong we all have a mother tongue...a language we speak at home and with the people who belong to our particular states.

What’s the necessity of speaking in English to a child who cannot understand the language except understanding the tone of the mother?

As for showing off credit cards and branded handbags is something many ladies like to.

And for sure I found that she has given birth to this child but her showiness was stumped out by the behaviour of the child.

At home she must be eating the typical Indian food but when these ladies go out to restaurants they prefer Pizzas and Burgers and what not to show off their status.

I am a person who is for advancement and development but not at the cost of losing our culture which is our heritage.

A lady in a sari can be highly educated, doing a good job. If she doesn’t do the Angrezi gitir pitir before the people doesn’t mean she doesn’t know English. She may be soft and docile and may hand over cash at the counter, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have one or many credit cards with her. Her diamond studded ear-rings, finger ring and pendant maybe real diamonds which may seem as false stones to the novice.

Beware, such simplicity can fool anyone but that’s how some are keeping our culture alive before the world. They are proud to be identified with their country.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sania-Shoaib-Ayesha Story and The Broken Triangle

It was more of media reporting that kept the Sania, Shoaib and Ayesha story making round for the last few days. The electronic media found more food in reporting this love triangle with people getting more and more interested in knowing about the happenings. The print media was not lagging behind either.

People’s thoughts began to weave a story in their mind, a Bollywood masala in the making. Shoiab, the hero of this whole happening pretended to be so innocent that he came up before the television reporters by fumbling with the name of Ayesha, reflecting his anonymity of not even knowing the name of this girl with whom he was married. Whoever saw him taking the name of Ayesha, saw the fumble in spelling out Ayesha’s name in public, but one could very well read his wary thoughts.

Sania braved the situation cleverly without even a single question being put to her about her recent engagement break-up and soon linking her name with the Pakistani cricketing star. What is in her mind about her future career only Sania knows.

Ayesha was more looked upon as building up a story like one from the fairy tale. Some believed her while others ignored her and thought her coming out in front of the world to speak out about her marriage to Shoaib, more of a cock and bull story.

Having read the news about betting on the Sania-Shoaib marriage, money was in the making for many betters.

As all these talks began to brew in a pot, it took some time for the fire to cool down. At last Shoaib, had to pour a vessel full of cold water on the burning fire. He signed the divorce papers thus breaking up his first marriage with Ayesha. Ayesha’s family was happy at letting the world know that theirs was not a tell-tale story. And in all this Sania’s family has gone behind closed doors not speaking out in public.

Such marriage stories of very popular personalities add more glamour to their life and career. They become more popular maybe at times for wrong reasons. But they do like to be in the news so that people don’t forget them.

Who has won and who has lost only time will tell. Who has earned money and whose pocket has been looted only the concerned persons know.

The triangle has been broken and left with two parallel lines...of marriage between the two who will now live their lives together and run parallel in their different sporting fields.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Kolkata Fire and More Thoughts

The Kolkata fire that broke out in Stephen Court in the Park Street area, keep many thinking about the safety norms that are followed by the Municipal Authorities and the Government for buildings in the different parts of this country. Only some time back there was the Bangalore fire which is still fresh in the minds and now this sad happening.

Is it not the time for the State and the Central government to rise from their sleep and do something constructive to improve the safety norms in the buildings? We cannot simply brush away by saying the building was old and did not have the present safety norms. After all each building, big or small in size, pay their annual taxes. So it is very much within the knowledge of the authorities about each and every building and new construction that’s taking place. Seeing that the safety norms are in place becomes the foremost consideration.

After reading all the reports in the newspapers and on the television, it is very clear how the top two floors had come up. So many lives have been lost and many are still missing. For this great havoc whom do we hold responsible? A question that’ll be searching for answers but in the end the whole episode will be swept under the carpet.

India is growing, in which areas??? It is hard to say. Lives lost in fire breakouts in massive buildings, mishap after mishap at Metro Construction sites in Delhi, terror attacks like the one in Mumbai, price rise, the list is too long. Is India growing at the cost of the lives of the Aam Admi? What is the cost of the life of a common man?

A pondering thought till next general election...and then...will the same story be retold...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Of Languages...

Tulika Books has announced a Blogathon 1 and the topic is:

How different are the written and spoken forms of your first language? If you want children to become familiar with their first language, which form would you look for in children's books - formal or informal? Why?

The topic is interesting, not simple, but difficult, if it comes up for a debate.

The other day I met a family at a party, small family of father, mother and son. It amazed me to find the parents talking with their child in Hindi and not in the language the parents speak. Are we really ashamed of our first language?

India. The country of Unity in Diversity has so many languages and dialects. Very often in the streets and public places we hear more of spoken English than an Indian language. And following English people prefer to converse with one another in Hindi.

I have had the privilege of learning to speak, read and write in my mother tongue. Being an Indian, apart from English I can read, write and speak 3 other Indian languages and it makes me happy. Though not good with speaking I can understand 2 more regional languages. It gives me a sense of pleasure that at such a time when the first language is losing its grip I’m lucky about languages.

I’ve always encouraged my children to speak in Bengali at home. Knowing more than one language is an advantage and in school where the first language is English there is always the benefit of learning a second language. Being a bilingual is easy nowadays. Then there is the chance of learning the language of the state you’re living in (even if someone is living there for a short time). Learning languages is a personal interest and depends very much on the individual...easy for a child. 

I think the best way of letting the children learn their first language is by reading out stories in their first language from a very young age. They pick up words and understand them and then are able to speak in it. During their long summer holidays, parents or even grand parents can help in this. The children can be made to write and read, like doing a page of handwriting writing regularly, as I pointed out, during their holidays. They can be kept occupied and once they develop an interest they’ll have that good feeling of knowing and learning something new. Creating the interest is of importance and this can be possible to some extent by speaking with the children in their first language at home.

Now I find many youngsters making an effort to learn their first language, for, as they are growing in life they find the feeling of belongingness in this...which they have not been interested in,earlier. Many have started reading books of great regional writers (starting with their translation works in English) and want to know more from their writings. Our regional literature is very rich, and if such a move comes up, regional literature will no doubt get a boost and encouragement. Hope such moves can help in the interest and revival of our regional languages!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Indian Premier League (IPL) – Combo of Cricket and Entertainment

The IPL (Indian Premier League) cricket matches kick-started just after the conclusion of the Hockey World Cup Tournament. Indian Hockey team broke the hearts of the hockey lovers of this country. With India hosting the World Cup (Hockey), many people got a chance to watch the matches live in Delhi. The number of hockey fans increased wishing India at least to be in the top 4. Anyway there is hope of doing better the next time. “Don’t let down your fans Indian Hockey Team”.

Cricket has always been a game close to the hearts of most of the Indians. People clap when the ball is hit for a 4 or a 6. Many people are well aware of this...bowling, batting, bowled out, run-out...some common terms people follow while watching the match live on TV. So you need not understand the details of the game of cricket to be a religious follower. Starting from the common man on the street to the housewife they enjoy the game. Is it "Time Pass" for many?
...scratches head...

Now IPL has come up with the combination of entertainment with this game. Indian Premier League is in the look out of the IPL singer of the year...a singing competition with the IPL tag.

Newspaper report said the Indian premier league has added fashion, food and celebrities to the stadium experience. So what do we draw out of this experience? Is cricket changing its face and colour to some extent.

For me I’m not cheering any particular team. I adore the great cricketers of my country and when they are scattered here and there, who will I cheer for?

Now the sad news is, there are a lot of injuries in many teams. Dhoni, Gambhir, Graeme Smith, Zaheer Khan, are some names among many more. Sooooo...
...and be strong and fit to play for your country.

Lalit Modi is finding ways to make the IPL more alluring to the people. For how long is to be seen.