Friday, December 18, 2009

Morning Mantra

Morning brings with it a common Mantra.

1. Leave the bed, rise up from sleep and begin your day.

2. Begin the day remembering the Creator.

3. Duties to be finished in the bathroom.

4. Spend some value time on health and fitness which is very much individual. Some like to do Pranayam, some Yoga, others go for a morning walk to breathe in fresh air, many prefer to spend some time on physical exercises at home and some others will like the fresh air to surround them for sometime.

5. A morning cup of tea is a must for many. There are preferences like a glass of water, lime juice with honey, tepid water, overall something liquid first thing in the morning.

6. A warm water or cold water bath as individual preference.

7. Breakfast is a must after the long interval of  last night’s dinner.

8. The body and mind is ready and fit to face the challenges of the day.

With such easy and common Morning Mantra it is absolutely right to say “Morning shows the day”.

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