Saturday, May 30, 2009

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

With the elections coming to an end, it is celebration time for the winners. New hopes gather for some, for they may be the lucky winners to get a ministerial berth. For others, though they have made way to the Parliament, they will remain the back benchers.

It had been months, so much had been written, read, discussed, viewed, heard, and all of a sudden the blaring stops. The country moves one step further, to see selection of ministers and allocation of portfolios. Once again the parliament sessions will be held, new Bills will be brought and commotion will take toll of time.

This time once again the voters have shown that it should be more of a single party rule in the country, though this time also there has been partnership with some. The losers sit back to analyse their defeat and gear up to make strategies to come up as winners the next time.

But a clear mandate has been given.

At last the IPL Season 2 trophy has been lifted by the Deccan Chargers. It is always the winner who lifts the trophy. Click, click, click, the clicks go on and on and in the end the winners photos adorn the front pages of the newspaper and magazine.

Though the Indian crowd watched the game on their TV sets, the enthusiasm and interest of the cricket fans of this country did not die out. Instead they could get to see the beauty of South Africa captured through the lens of the camera man and brought home in bits and pieces during the telecast of the matches.

It was an unexpected winning team who held the trophy high, their fan followers dancing in merriment at their spectacular win. And the sure finalists disappointed their fans.

But who cares, after all one has to win, be declared the winner and go home with not only the trophy but the huge winning amount.

It is winning that matters.

Isn't it rightly said “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander”.

Agree or deny?

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