Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Mangoes -- The Summer Hit

Indians, mostly everyone except very few, can confess openly that they love the summer mostly for the mangoes.

I may be right or wrong in what I think or believe, but the fact remains, my fact is very right.

Again there can be difference of opinion. But the face remains, raw or ripe, makes mango the King of Fruits.

Again a pause.

What is there about the raw mango and the ripe ones.

Aah hhah! No jumping the guns but straighten them.

Get your raw ones and pickle them to enjoy throughout the year. Pickle the mangoes giving them the punch and make it, sour taste, sweet taste and also half-sweet half-sour taste.

O god, why the big fuss, make them to satisfy the individual taste buds.

Enough is enough.

Ripe mangoes. What a space they have on the plate.

Cut them to pieces or even suck the small ripe ones and find the juice going into your mouth. Some juice just running down from your hand to the elbow. But nothing to worry. Once the seed comes out from the tough skin...and suck and suck and suck...the seed till no more pulp or juice remains.

Eat your mangoes the way you like but don't curse the summer for the heat as this season gives us this King of Fruits, The Mango, comes only with summer.