Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Taste of the Newspaper with a Cup of Tea

I feel so lazy to get up in the morning. But, once up, the day starts working as if everything has been fed like that in a computer.

The taste buds start working with the morning cup of tea.
One sip and ‘aaahhhhh’ and a long breath as the tea goes down and down and...freshens the mind and brings vigour to the body, that simple hot tea.

The taste buds are still searching for something more. The eyes search for the morning newspaper. Without the daily newspaper, the tea, the mood, the atmosphere feels so ‘Pheeka’, so bland.

Though the late night news on the television has said a lot yet, the morning newspaper is most awaited.

I slowly see the headlines on the front page. The right hand moves towards the cup to be held and brought close to the mouth to take another sip. The pages turn one after another and so also the cup of tea is finished.

The newspaper with all the contents tastes so good with the morning cup of tea. I wonder how close they are to one another.

So many questions arise in the mind.
Are they related?
Are they siblings?
Are they twins?
Are they in a relationship?
Are they there to come to me in the morning together?

As the array of questions gather in my mind, I look at the clock.

Now the clock is being cheeky and tries to tell me, ‘time up, get up, workload is waiting to be done…’

I brush aside the rest of what the clock has to say and get to my daily routine of the day.

As I sit here tapping on the keyboard to write this, I know it will be hyperbolic to say about “The Taste of the Newspaper”.

Thoughts come, thoughts reside, thoughts play like music, thoughts run wild, but, thoughts are what that keeps the mind wandering.

…and thoughts in words are…


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