Sunday, August 2, 2015

Crow Talk and Her Interpretation

Rain was playing pitter-patter on the rooftop. Though not falling like they say, “It’s raining cats and dogs”, definitely there was space to say the rain drops were falling brisk and swift.

The earth was bearing the beat and so also the rooftops. But the birds perched on the treetops were getting trouble to find shelter. And speaking of the most advanced crows living in urban areas, they find respite under some shelter of the brick and mortar homes.

How true it is can be judged from the crow conversation in the safe place, the covered portico space in her house.

She was sitting and reading her morning newspaper when she heard the noise of the crows. She knew where they were sitting and having their bit of chatting. Though she was not interested in the crow chat, her mind was carried away towards the different cawing sounds the crows were making.

She was in a disturbed mind and so her mind was diverted from what she was reading. She concentrated on the cawing’s of the crows and tried to understand what they were saying. She heard the tone and felt the birds were feeling happy with the rains. They also seemed to talk in a tone that seemed to say, they were discussing something very casual.

Her mind was taking a turn from the way it had been at that moment. She felt there was no use feeling somber but better to change her thoughts and become hale and happy for there can be sometime which will pick up disturbance for the mind but a human mind can bring about a change in thoughts.

She was happy that the crows were conversing so near to her. Inwardly she thanked the birds for bringing the change in her mind and then she was on her feet again to go about with her everyday home chores.



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