Friday, December 5, 2014

The Sky Speaks A Thousand Words

Some questions or should I say ‘queries’ that call for an answer.
Does the sky really speak?

Does it only say a thousand words?

What is the Sky to me?

For me the Sky speaks a lot.

No not a thousand words but a domain that cannot be measured in thoughts and words.

The Sky looks limitless and beyond my vision world.

If I think the right way, the title of this post is something that can be read in the mind and cannot be connected with the meaning it bears. It is just an expression in words which cannot be fringed but can be stretched beyond limits.

As I look at the sky, it gives me such good thoughts. The blue colour itself is so soothing. And the birds that fly all around, what a difference it makes to nature.

The sky can be clear and can also be covered with dark clouds that fall down as rain.

As a child it was nice to hear elders say, the sky pees when it rains. This again is an imaginative thought just to tease and please the mind of a small child.

The sky brings before us the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.

The eastern sky brings the morning rising sun and the western sky takes the catch of the setting sun.

Happy looks the silvery moon up there in the dark night, waning to become a cresent and increasing to become a full moon.

The twinkling stars up there, though dumb, speak so much to the human soul…twinkling away…but countless.

Science has given a chance to humans to reach out and touch the sky.

A question comes to mind.

Does the Sky have a roof which can be touched?

Is the sky beyond the reach and touch of humans?

What is the sky made of?

But who will give the answers...

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