Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In Conversation with Winter

Call it my thoughtfulness or thoughtless mind to be talking to a season.

Well, we do talk with self and also to Nature, to Animals, to Birds, and, that’s nothing or something that is worrisome in life.

When a person is in conversation with, maybe, the things working with or something stationary sitting there which just can’t reply back, or talking to nature, that’s when the mind is working. This sort of small talking nuances does make a person get some relief.

Relief from what? The most possible question that can be put forth.

The relief can be from a stress.
It can also be shedding of the loneliness a person is living with.
It can be in appreciation.
Maybe a lot of time has passed and no time to share thoughts.
Or it can be to spread words around to change the environment that has been disgusting.
It can also be that a little talking, maybe not to a person, but just sharing the thoughts that have got compressed in the little mind for some time.

Whatever be it, we think if a person is talking with no one around, must be out of mind.

Then why do we hum a tune to sing away even in loneliness. But singing is more of stress release and also cheers the mind.

Same about talking.

You see no one is a saint and gone into penance and only chanting mantras…mean praying to god.

This again reminds me that we do go into conversation with God. Do we see Him? Do we hear Him? Does he reply to our words? Still we share our joy and sorrow with this Unknown.

It is nothing unusual to be in conversation with a season.

Me: Winter, when are you coming?

Winter: As usual, maybe a bit late or a bit early.

Me: Why in two thoughts?

Winter: Understand me. Humans have spoilt nature and the natural habitat. That’s making all the difference.

Me: But seasons have to come and go. That’s what we have studied in our school days.

Winter: I never said I will not come. For that there has to be co-operation from the mortals with the environment.

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