Friday, September 5, 2014

Teacher’s Day

On this day let us remember Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, whose birthday we people in India celebrate as “Teacher’s Day”.

If the word Teacher’s Day is taken into thought, then we may consider this day for Teachers Only. But without their students Teachers cannot be teachers.

Every teacher has been a student in their growing up years. And every person has gone through their learning life under the guidance of their teachers. It is this guidance and teachings one receives in life to become something in later life.

A Teacher holds a very important part in the life of a student. For me I have the umpteen respects for my teachers who have helped me cruise through my learning days and made me able enough to be what I am today.

Only remembering teachers on Teacher’s Day is not enough. We should show respect to our teachers and also the teachers should make it possible in their teaching life to command respect.

In this changing time, the teacher-student relationship is failing for several reasons. It is time we work on this so that the Guru/Teacher gets back what is lost and at the same time the Guru can find ways to make this possible.

There are some teachers who are special in our lives. But it does not mean that the other teachers are not revered.

Earlier the Guru-Shishya parampara existed. It was different from what it is now. Like a child wants parents to be their friends also, in the same way a student also want friendly relationship with their teachers. Not a difficult task, but can be done.

On this special day, I am glad that I can remember my teachers and tell my children stories about my school and college and my teachers and many such stories about some special teacher.

Like parents who are the guiding force for a child, so also is the role of a teacher to show the light to the student.

The Teacher-Student relationship has come down since generations and will exist.

HAPPY TEACHER’s DAY to all my teachers who have come into my life and my respect goes to them.

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