Wednesday, September 3, 2014

H for Handwriting

Technology and advancement, our present generation is rushing towards it to catch the best? In a small gathering of Moms-at-home, at one Mom’s house there was series of discussions.
No one was interested in discussing about their domestic helps or the problems they faced with them.

No one was interested to discuss about matters relating to the price-rise and how it was affecting the home-budget.
No one was interested in discussing about their husbands.
No one was interested in showing off their new clothes or ornaments.
But all were interested in discussing about their little kids.

The discussion started when Renu, the mother of a five year old boy started saying how her son was not at all interested in completing his one page handwriting homework and how the teacher was constantly complaining to her for not seeing to it that he did his handwriting homework.

Other Moms also started speaking about it.

“Do any of you remember about the handwriting pages we completed when we were kids?” said Meena.

In unison it was a big “YES”.

There was a lot of talking about it. Some spoke about the four-line handwriting books and some said about the two-line ones.

Yes, there was a time when handwriting was done by each and every child at a very young age. A good handwriting speaks a lot about the person.

These days, a child, from a very tender age handles the computer. The child finds it easy to tap the keyboard and write. But to write with pencil or pen makes them feel lazy.

It is the responsibility of the parents or those who look after the child, to try and make the child do writing. After all pen and paper will remain if the modern gadget crashes…it may happen at any time. But one’s own writing will be there all through life.

Like we want our children to handle modern gadgets, so also we should tell them the benefits of handwriting.

Motivation can bring a sea of change. Why not bring about the change.

The Mom group decided to see that they look after their kids in such a way…like how they were brought up by their mothers. If each and every Mom thinks so, then very soon we can see a huge change which is a must and should be brought in.

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