Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Rain Song

“How well did the Rain sing” I thought as I saw the rains come down with its own jingle.

A jingle! that would sound stupid for some. But let me say, the rain creates its own jingle. It now depends on the surface where the raindrops fall. The first rain, when it falls on the parched earth after long summer hot days, the drops beat hard on the ground and etch out some dirt to create a mild noise. People around feel happy to see the first downpour and there is excitement around. As the drop beat and with the sound of people’s glee it creates a jingle of its own with each and every fresh fall.

The roofs of houses are made of different materials. When the raindrops fall on a tin sheet roof of a home, just imagine the noise it creates. It annoys but then the noise for sure makes one feel that rain is falling. Isn’t this a harsh jingle, not liked…

The asbestos roof does create a sound of its own when the rain beats on them. But then, the raindrops don’t beat but fall. But always there are words to describe, so no harm in the 'rainbeating'. It does not sound like the beating of a drum but does make a beating noise, a jingle that gets a place in the rain song.

Concrete roofs also make people hear the sound of rainfall. Nice and soothing. There you go, loving your rain song eh!!!!

Rain has its own music with trees and plants. The leaves and branches allow the rain song when it falls on them.

Rains are a welcome for the people. Some like to drench in the first falls and then the earth and vegetation looks up to rain to come on time.

But we cannot forget that rain is a menace at times. In cities water-logging is the major problem. Movements become restricted. Birds show their love for rain when they open up their feathers and let the water spay.

Seasons come and seasons go and life copes up with every phase.

But when the rain comes it brings that sweet music which we lust for after a long dry spell.

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