Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Onions and Tears – Double Trouble

“O my God” I said so loudly that others close by could hear the words. That was when I was in the vegetable market planning to buy my vegetables and return home so that my cooking could be finished on time to be served to the hungry tummy’s waiting to be filled.

I saw people in the market indulge in conversation and arguments about onions. The prices have gone up but why make such a noise. Instead it will be better if we can do with fewer onions, or, even without onions.

When someone asked me why I was not so worried about the rising onion prices, I could only give back a smile.

I have my own ways. I cook so many dishes without adding onion. I feel we can cook tasty food without onion. Can find many of my recipes cooked without onions here. It is not a must that onion has to be added. For that one has to make the brain run in different directions to find out ways to avoid onion at least for the time being.

If we boycott onions then we will be capable of handling the hoarders. The hoarders will learn a lesson from us…the common people…who are capable of handling such situation with ease and at the same time help the government in the fight against hoarding and hoarders.

Coming to the fact of tears, yes onions make us cry. When we peel and then cut them many people get tears in their eyes. After all these are not real crying tears but a small thing like the onion creates these tears. And now when the price has doubled, the buyer’s eyes are filled with tears and this time thinking about how to manage the budget with the price rise.

Be it good days or bad days with onions, this simple veggy like to give tears to people.

Some will say, “Hello onion I love you and some others may say hello dear I hate you”.

Then the Onion will say, “But dear you cannot do without me…ha ha ha ha ha…” and the buck doesn’t stop there but……………………………

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