Saturday, July 12, 2014


Watching the matches of this World Cup season does cost me a lot of sleep. Those who have been watching these matches can well understand what I mean.

Then, I can keep some hours of my sleep aside to watch these interesting matches. And now only the final match that will of course be really interesting.

Watching some of the great teams and some great players fighting it out in the game of football for their great win is something wonderful and I will blame my wee self if I don’t watch till it finishes.

I set the alarm and wake up and with sleepy eyes watch the first few minutes. Some games are really electrifying and that does not let the eyes even to go for a blink. I wonder how much of practice and effort these players have put in for this game, to play for their country and win the trophy.

I don’t know whom to support to win in the finals. Both the teams – Germany and Argentina – have put in their best in the semis to climb to this place. Though I have my favourite, I don’t like to spell it out…and who will be judged the best player…my heart beats fast though I am in no way a contender but of course a supporter of the contender.

The long hours of staying awake at night does trouble me a lot. But I will have to wait another four years for the next. No chance of missing all the thrill now.

I know once this event is over, the buzz, the criticism, the fervor, the excitement, the anxiety, the nail biting while watching, and the shouts when a goal is scored or missed, everything will suddenly disappear. But something else will come up to interest me. And then I will get engaged in something else and…………………….

Waiting for the FINALS!!!

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