Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eight – This word has struck my mind’s cord today – Get, Set Go…

The word Eight, how much does it mean to a person.

Eight, a single digit number, written as numerical 8. Everyone knows that. No fuss about it.

A little child being taught at home by the mother learns about counting starting from ONE. But why then a child not start counting from ZERO?

This can again create some confusion in the mind of the one who is teaching the numbers. It may strike the mind about who first found ZERO.

Always confusions can strike the mind at any time. Anyway, I’m here today with EIGHT.

Once the child learns to start counting, he/she becomes acquainted with Eight as the child learns the first phase up to number 10.

Then with alphabets the child has to learn the spelling of Eight. Nothing much, for the earlier part of learning is all about copying and filling up the remaining lines that are empty by the child once the teacher has written what she/he has to write on the topmost line.

Coming to odd and even numbers, Eight is an even number. But this study comes later on in the life of a child.

O God, when we learn to count on our fingers, Eight stands up with its head straight on top of the second finger. Seems very strong. Bot then when the Zeros go on sticking to its back, how the whole thing changes. Then of course for someone dealing with money, the more the zeros after Eight, the more the value of this number.

Don’t know why this word came to my mind. It is good that at times we give a thought to something very small and may end up confused or happy that at least the mind has done some Boggling.

What a time it has been thinking of Eight. Maybe time to give a rest to my thoughts now and come up again with something else.

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