Monday, May 12, 2014

The Phone Call

The phone suddenly started ringing. I was not expecting a call at this time of the day. After lunch, lying down to enjoy my siesta, I was really annoyed. Let the ring tone go on harping the tune for some time, but soon it became unbearable. Taking the call it was me saying “Hello” in a tone that sounded with annoyance.

From the other side was a gruff tone saying, “hello, hello, hello”

Me: Aare baba, who’s that speaking?

Gruff Tone: Who are you by the way?

Me: Aare bhaisaab it is you calling and not me?

Gruff Tone: Who are you there, what’s your name?

Me: Who are you to ask for my name?

Gruff Tone: OK, give the phone to Shree.

Me: eh eh eh eh eh…who is this Shree?

Gruff Tone: Are you her servant, hand over the phone to your Didi.

Me: By the way, learn to behave yourself. Now tell me who you are and why are you pestering me or else I will give your number to the Police.

Gruff Tone: Aare yaar, it’s me, trying out a prank on you. I know you are relaxing and will get annoyed. I have boarded the plane and will be landing in an hour’s time. Come to the airport on time. Speaking from my friends phone, surprise, isn’t it?

Me: And your voice, why did it sound different, you are really…and I stop as I have to get ready and start the car to be on my way to receive him.

At first it blew the lid off my mind but now I feel relaxed. What a phone call can do at times. Ha ha ha ha ha………….

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