Saturday, May 10, 2014

In Conversation with Summer – Part 2

In Conversation with Summer

Today is going to be Tough Talk with Summer.

Me: Why is the heat getting unbearable?

Summer: Put your hand on your chest and let me know if I am solely responsible for it.

Me: You make me think. I cannot blame you totally. We have made the mess…man-made it is to a large extent.

Summer: (smiles) why don’t you all make amends?

Me: How do we do it?

Summer: You are human. The world is making so many researches in different fields. But I don’t think this is meant to go to the Laboratory for Research work. Use your mind and work together.

Me: Any hint from your side?

Summer: Have you not read in your school how important trees are to life? How important water is for survival of life? How important Nature is for life? Now start thinking…

Me: True, but humankind want to move ahead so fast and in doing so are destroying what has been gifted to us by our Creator. It is time we give a thought or else we will become extinct. We will grow trees so that the balance in Nature changes. Then we will get enough rains and there will be sufficient underground water and the level will remain to give us supply throughout the year. We will not pollute our rivers, lakes, ponds and other water-bodies. We will try to use natural products for growing our vegetables so that we remain healthy. We should avoid food and drinks that are harmful for us. We need to be more into our everyday life like doing some exercise, cooking good healthy food at home, try to avoid always moving around in engine propelled vehicles and give chance to our legs to do some walking and then let children play in the evening to remain in good health. I’ll also think about anything that I have missed out and try to rectify the wrong.

In saying I, I don’t mean I singly but we will all work together for this big cause.

Summer: Once you have changed your thought, expect good to happen to this world. I will come but I will bring cool breeze, give you lots of rains and you will be happy to see Green and Green everywhere. I’m going...(Summer vanishes)

Me: Thank God I spoke to Summer and feel it will not be harsh if we co-operate with one another.

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