Saturday, May 24, 2014

Garden and Care

Flowers from my garden
I’ve been nurturing the few trees that I have in my garden. Looking after one’s own garden is a great activity. This is also a good pastime and a chance to be with nature for some time of the day.

I feel looking after the trees, plants and shrubs in one’s own garden give many benefits to the concerned person. I love to talk with my plants and trees. It seems to me they look up to me to go to them every day. They love my touch and I also feel the same way. Watering them is like quenching their thirst. We all like to hand over a glass of water to anyone coming to our homes. Same way the plants also wait for that water they need for it is their staple food for their growth.

The plants look happy when their leaves and branches are pruned and shaped to give them a good look. Same way they like the dried leaves to be detached from them so that the greenness in them can be seen and enjoyed by the eyes.

It is said that talking to plants also helps them to understand the person who interacts with them. Surely, a person who takes care of them will be waited by them to come and speak to them. Though they don’t have words to speak out they show off their love by giving us beautiful colourful blooms and fruits and vegetables.

I love to be with my plants for some time in the day and also I get so much pleasure in looking after them. Like we look after our kids, plants also need care, love and affection to grow.

Even a few pots with flowering plants can make a huge difference in the life of a person as there can be a change in habit and attitude and so much good things will start flowering in life like the beauty the plants give.

A small garden at home can make a lot of difference in life.

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