Sunday, April 27, 2014

Who Helps You???

This question looks simple but the answer can be difficult. Each one can draw own meaning out of this.

When someone put forth these words to me, I was taken aback. Later I realized this was something to talk about mainly for the women folk.

We women have so much to do at home. I speak about ‘at home’ for this is the place where the lady of the house is in full command and demand. For the command and the demand she takes the help of someone whom she hires to help her in the odd jobs of the house. She has the helping hand who does a favour to her and in return gets paid for the services she has rendered.

In our country we are so much dependent on these women who come and share in so much of the work at home. She has her own home, but she does this work as a job.

Whatever be it, what type of work she does, this woman does earn a living to better the life of her home and children. Who would love to leave her home to keep others home clean and shining and cook good food for people who have come to her life for the sake of money and nothing more?

In many homes they misbehave with their helps and even thrash them. Why such an attitude? These poor things are very sincere, do their duty to the best of their ability. They are quick learners and pick up what they are taught so easily.

At times I wonder if there would have been no such help what would have happened to the many many women here. Their family would have suffered a lot or it could be they would have done their work as required.

This is really a question that needs to boggle the mind for some time. But there is so much truth in it.

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