Saturday, April 19, 2014

In Conversation with Summer

Strange but true, I really did talk with summer. Since a long time I had thought to write about my conversation with Summer and today I felt it really deserves to be here.

Me: Summer, why do you have to come after the long winter cold months?

Summer: This is not my choice, the one who makes seasons has given me this space.

Me: God you bring so much sweating to life. The heat gets unbearable. So much cold liquid is in demand? And, and, and…

Summer: So you don’t have words to describe me…smiles…

Me: Just listen. The market changes so suddenly. Different vegetables come and also fruits are different. Cold drinks flood the market and lassi’s and sherbet’s are in demand.

Summer: That’s how market changes. Will you like the same thing throughout the year?

Me: No always there has to be a change. It’s good and everyone likes it. Even summer wear is so different. Cotton clothes are in great demand and from full sleeves the size also decreases. Then umbrellas are carried to save from the scotching sun. And the sun what to say about it. The suns heat becomes unbearable.

Summer: If all this does not happen in your life would you have ever thought of talking to me?

Me: No, something very thoughtful. I accept you but…

Summer: How can you forget the mangoes I bring in my season?

Me: I love mangoes and love you for giving this fruit. I have no grudge against you. I think you should come for the cold, the heat, the sun and the rains all make life move on and make the year to cater to the needs of life. There is much more to talk about but not today, next time. No more arguments.

Summer: Will come and converse with you later on for I’m going to stay with you for many more days.

Summer goes and I sit under the air conditioner and enjoy the cool in the room. As I sip the lime juice I watch television for it is better to stay indoors in the daytime than get the tan which of course I don’t want.

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