Saturday, April 5, 2014

A Home-Kitchen and Cooking at Home – Everyday Duty or a Reality

Every home needs to have a kitchen and without this life can be miserable. Still there are people, living single, and want food from outside. With facilities coming up it is now easy for anyone to set up a kitchen at home.

Gone are the days when firewood was used to light up the kitchen oven. Gradually it became more convenient with kerosene stoves. Then came the magical gas cylinders to light the gas oven by the striking lighter. Everything looked so neat and clean. And now electric ovens can be used as substitutes to gas stoves for getting a gas connection takes a lot of time. The electric ones can be moved from one place to another without any difficulty.

Time has brought in lot of changes in the kitchen.

But with only a burning fire one can hardly do anything. Utensils are another important addition to the kitchen.

Cannot do without the grocery…the rice, the dals, the different spices, and so many other things have to be bought and kept ready for cooking.

The storing jars also need their place in a kitchen. Without them everything would be lying untidy in the kitchen space.

When there is a kitchen at home most people would love to cook something or the other at home. Who likes to go out for a cup of tea in the morning? No one. So the first requirement seems to be a cup of tea.

Every little want makes a person go for it and that’s how wants are satiated.

For families, cooking at home is a must as this is a necessity and need of the family. However difficult it may seem mostly everyone would love to cook at home as this is hygienic, economical, can change the taste as needed, a part of everyday life.

Taking on this topic may seem absurd but a home-kitchen and cooking at home is a reality and a must which is there, was there and will be there as long as people live on this earth.

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