Saturday, March 8, 2014

Women's Day ( no no...)

Someone wished me, “Happy Women’s Day”. He was smiling as he said the words. I thought, was it a taunt or a rendition from the heart? I say this is a rendition, as the words sailed into my ears there was a soft musical touch.

Maybe, I’m being too touchy. He must have had no intention to hurt me.
Having a special day for women is nothing special for me. I feel every day is special in life. If this day is special, what do I get from this day?

I sit and wonder for a while. I feel a woman is a very special creation of God. Main things in life that is important for me as a woman is:

Woman should be treated with respect. That’s the most important thing.

Women should be treated as equals with men though they belong to the fairer sex. Equality, as she is not lagging behind men…in some fields she is much better and somewhere she may be a bit low, and that makes the balance.

She should be given a helping hand in the home and not be singled out as someone born for household work.

She should be given love and care and attention for she showers these qualities with others at home.

She keeps the home together and to make it more effective, she should get all the co-operation that’s needed.

She is after all the mother, she is also the sister, the daughter, and in the many relationships she holds, she tries her best to make that relationship go on.

So like this special day, I think every day is special in life for without the presence of a woman how would the world be?

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