Friday, March 21, 2014

Why the Gali ka Kutta barks late night

I fear to move around the city at night. The streets late at night will see mostly boozed up men, late night party fellows rushing back home, tired truck drivers getting the liberty on the lonely streets to move about as they like, some bikers who love to perform stunts, some speedy drivers who want to fulfill their hearts desire to accelerate their cars and zoom past the wind and then the most dangerous of all, the anti-socials.

Having not said about dogs, Gali ka Kutta, will not make any effect on the designed topic. Dogs, I mean street dogs not the pet ones who have all the luxury to live their luxurious Doggy Life in the luxury of rich homes. They have everything and even more. But the Gali ka kutta has to move around on its own with its own fold, finding food for survival.

…and then at night they gather in their group and roam the streets of the neighbourhood. They bark as loud as they can, not singly but in more numbers, all together, like it seems to my ears they are holding their own Panchayat and making decisions on matters that are important to their community. The sound of their barking varies in range and style…that maybe the Doggy Language they are using to interact with each other.

The fear is if someone is moving on the streets at that time, the Doggy Gang can attack…bite and…imagine the situation. These Doggy gangs also wake up sleeping people from their sound sleep and that disturbance can linger for a long time.

Wish these street dogs had a place to rest at night but being alert is their instinct. People waste so much food, wish these dogs could be fed. A safe place for them can also give safety and fewer disturbances to sleeping mortals…but who cares.

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