Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Money Mantra

Money Mantra

Money Mantra

Money is Mantra for some, Need for many and necessity for All. That’s what I like to say about Money.

Present day some -- maybe can say many or even more people are getting very attached to money.

Money comes to us in the form of coins and notes which we have to keep safely. The size, shape and designs of the coins have changed over the years, so also currency notes have got some changes brought in them. How does that matter as long as the value remains the same for the different denominations?

For a salaried man/woman, at the end of the month the pay-packet comes for the monthly expenditure. How cautiously a middle-class household has to chalk out the monthly budget, the one who does it knows the difficulty level. The finance minister of the home is mostly the lady…but in some households the man doesn’t let go his hold of his income and holds on tightly to the finance. That does not change the face of the salaried households’ income and expenditure.

Coming to the business class they can be categorized differently. There are the big businessmen who have the pleasure to roll on money as they have more than they need. The middle income businessman earns a lot and has the capacity to get all the luxuries of life. The small businessman runs the small trade and some among them have little earnings which is insufficient to run a home budget.

Money comes to people in different amounts. Then life does not stop. Everyone knows how to manage with what they have.

If money becomes a mantra, greed creeps, people find ways and means to earn more and more irrespective of the ways they take for it.

We Hindus worship Goddess Laxmi as the Goddess of Wealth. Faith is also associated with wealth and this creates devotion for this goddess.

I’ve heard someone say, “Money is intellect and intellect is money”. So a good brain can use its intelligence and find ways to increase the earning in a good way and with enough money in hand it can help a person to get the highest educational qualification that can give him a good earning.

After all money is a basic need for each and every individual to live a life of prestige and dignity…the money has to be Hard-earned, isn’t it? And money should not be Chanting in life.

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