Monday, March 17, 2014

Holi and the Colours

Friends, wish you all,

Happy Holi

Read this link here. It made me sad, at first brought tears of sadness and then of joy. A little difference can bring in a smile and cheer to those lives who has not seen colours on them for so many years.

This day of colours brings so much passion in the lives of each and every Indian. The different colours make all the difference when they are splashed one on the other and such vibrant combination is the result.

People wait for this day to play with colours and unite to make life cheerful. Indian festivals have so much to give. Every festival shows the path for forgiveness, love and friendship and sharing. If this attitude remains in the hearts of the people, it will no doubt make a huge difference.

Festive time brings in so much good food to eat and share. A sweet tooth can see the difference in the varieties. Some make sweets at home-made and some buy from sweet stalls.

As I read about the widows of Vrindavan, it brought tears to my eyes. As to say they are shunted from their homes to live a conservative life on their own and also struggle for existence. They are deprived of good food, colouful clothes and all the good things of life. Why do we still have to adhere to such traditions which make these widows live a sad life? What is their fault in becoming a widow?

This was a very good gesture from the NGO who brought back colours to these lives. What a happy thing. At least these ladies can now feel, touch and see the colours on them which was only white earlier. And the story of this elderly lady who has crossed more than a hundred years of life, how she also embraced the colours.

I salute them, who have brought back the colours in the life of these ladies.

Holi hai bhai Holi hai, rango ka khel hai.

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