Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Fever…without or cold…AAHHAA!!!

Friday brings its own fever. I have witnessed it, have any of you?

A simple question and all is needed is a simple answer.

Anyway, if you don’t give an answer, never mind, but I can see the thought has been read…some want to ponder over it and some will abandon it.
Friday, moreover looks like the end of the week. Friday, the last working day of the week for some and some has to trudge their way into work on Saturdays too.

Half happy…half sad…understand the reason I speak of...(smile).

I don’t want to hamper others thoughts by giving my smile, but smile and laugh are good for health…keeps the mind clear and happy the mood.

Yes, there again, Friday. When I was school going, there used to be five-day week for school. Saturday and Sunday was all filled with masti. There was no TV, no video-game, no computers, no KFC or other food joints, no multiplex but ordinary cinema halls and some of them had air coolers and no AC’s. The streets were not so crowded and less number of vehicles ran on them…less harmful gas emissions. Trees were grown along the roads…yes they liked the theory of Ashoka the Great, to plant trees along the roadside so that people got enough shade and could rest under the huge greens of the spreading branches. Modern days, trees cut with mechanical axes, roads and flyovers built, Metro lines run over head and life has become so fast.

Progress has to be there. Then what? At the rate of hazards that are created for life.

“Pragati, Parivartan”, are some of the words used by politicians. But how much do they care about us, the people of this country. WE, the Commoners, we send people to the different Houses…at the National and State level. And then we become their pawns. Power makes such a strong impact…once you get it is difficult to shed. Power makes one hungry – The Power Hungry -- and the other hunger for existence is menial at that juncture.

Anyway, all that is not boiled to make my cup of tea.

Simple tea I’m sipping from a simple china clay cup. Only chai patti/tea leaves, milk and sugar. My tea tastes good for the Brook Bond Red Label has been there with me for years now.

As I look at the setting sun on this Friday evening, I feel the next two days will not be so tiring.

No, no, no, I jump up in fright at the thought of all the laundry that’s been waiting and all the special food that has to be cooked. I also want to enjoy some special menu which of course I’ll be cooking.

But I’ll sleep a little longer and get up late next morning…who cares what others think when the mood is my own.

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