Wednesday, March 12, 2014

After Gulab Gang now Hum Teen Gang

After Gulab Gang now Hum Teen Gang

Satire has an extra flavour when humour is added to it. Read on…………….

The Movie Gulab Gang has cast its spell on the three special ladies to form their own gang.

After seeing the movie Gulab Gang, Mamata Banerjee aka Didi rang up Jayalalitha alais Amma.

Didi (Mamata): Hello, Jayaji. I’m Didi speaking. How are you? Can we meet over a cup of tea in my Trinamool office in Delhi?

Amma (Jayalalitha): Anything urgent Didi?

Didi: Yes, of course.
Amma: What’s the matter? Anything urgent.

Didi: Very special. Will tell once we meet.

Amma: Tomorrow morning at 8a.m. Right.

Didi: okay, okay.

Didi makes another phone call. To Mayavati also famous as Behenji.

Behenji’s phone rings trrrrrng, trrrrrrrrrrrrrng, trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrng. She takes the call and says, “Hello”.

Didi: (from the other side) Hallo, hallo, hallo, main Didi, Mamata Didi speaking.

Behenji: Haan Didi, kya baat hai.

Didi: Main aapse milna chahata hoon. Kaal, morning 8a.m. Possible? In my Delhi office?

Behenji: Kuch important hai kya.

Didi: Very important

Behenji: Okay, kal milte hain.

Next morning the Three Ladies meet in a room and hold closed door meeting.

Nobody knows what has been discussed but all those around hope everything goes well for the three have their own fundas, rules, anger, be-friending and breaking-up, personal ambitions and ways of functioning.

The security waiting outside was praying that no such untoward incident happen among the three that they have to bring in calm.

After an hour or so the three came out with wide smiles on their faces.

Didi informed the press; “We three have formed the Hum Teen Gang. Will share our plan later”. The smiles did not leave their lips till they left.

But for how long was the unanswered question.

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