Friday, February 21, 2014

Women are 49 % -- That’s what the Advertisement Says

Women are 49 % -- That’s what the Advertisement Says

In all simplicity and truth and neatness the Tata Tea Gold advertisement says – Women are 49%, so don’t ignore them.

I like the way the words of the lady and how she makes her man make some tea for her. The main part is when the tea leaves open to spread the colour and taste. That’s the essence and she confides that she…one person can be ignored but not all. This speaks a lot how women folk cannot be ignored.

What does this advertisement really want to say? It is Election time calling –women are said to make up 49% of the voting population in this country – their votes count and mean a lot and they can’t be ignored.

In all reality, the ratio of the numbers of girl child at present in India is on the decline. The ratio has gone down and creating a concern.

This is all because in many states, the girl child is not allowed to see the light of the day and killed in the womb before it is born.

Why this distinction? This is a very common question and most know the answer.

Coming to facts and truths that emerge in the mind all that can be said on this is the girl child is thought to be a burden to the family.

Again comes up the question.  Why? Simple. Parents and elders think girls are a burden to them…they have to be nurtured, nourished, educated and then married off. They think money spent on girls is not worth it.

But if one is see the facts, girls have the mind and will to look after their elderly parents giving them the space they need to live in their old age. There have been cases where boys don’t bother about parents who are old and need to be looked after. Still when a male child is born in a family there is so much rejoice.

All the people don’t have the same mind-set about girls. Now-a-days many families with a single child are happy having given birth to a girl. They make no distinction and are happy.

After all girls are also humans and are God’s creations. A woman gives birth, looks after the home, the children, and is always with the family in the thick and thin of it. At the same time we should lay important on "Save the Girl Child".

Women do play an important role in Nation building. By Nation building here the point means their votes count a lot. Their Representation in Politics do count and mean a lot. They can do many things which men cannot. They may seem to be fragile because of their sex but truthfully they are very strong.

I like this advertisement. Because there is so much truth when it says not to ignore women for they make up 49%.
Sometimes some ads do sting the mind.

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