Monday, February 17, 2014

When January said…no Riddle no Game …Ride the Read for a Smile -- My Daily Write-up

When Months Giggle

…no Riddle no Game …Ride the Read for a Smile…

January asked February, why you stand behind me,

February said, I am short, I am stout but love the place I am in.

March jumped in and said, I am third in the line for I have been shunted here for no fault of mine,

April says, see the blooms when I come to bring joy with colours of season Spring.

May shows a sour face for the blossom time is going to fade,

June is angry with the sun that is hot when she comes.

July is funky holding no regrets for standing in the seventh spot,

August dares the previous months for the shoving down the line.

September is pleased to sing a song for Autumn’s haste to come,

October is sober and calm and does not like to fight.

November is happy to bring the chill to lighten hearts and human spirits,

December is the happiest to be last in the sequence of months.

People wait for the Calendar to come to read the dates and months,

What would have happened if there were no twelve months?

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