Thursday, February 27, 2014

To Post or Not To Post

To Post or Not To Post

To Post-OR-Not To Post

The title worried me for a moment when I wrote it. Did this create a sizzle in your mind too? Mind does so much work…all the time, when you are awake and even in sleep, sleep because of the Dreams that gush like a strong breeze and flees leaving back little or no memory of it.

Mind -- Tussi great ho!!! Ha, ha, ha, no jumps, no jerks for how can you do all this activity when the keyboard needs so much attention.

Talking about posts first reminds me of the Post Office. Post Office was the place where in my childhood many a times I’ve gone to buy Post Cards, Inland Letters (a folder with self-stamp to write on and then put it in the post Box…for those who know not about it…recent generation…a smile takes over for a moment), Envelopes, and then get fun in dropping the letters in the Post Box. There used to be Post boxes standing out in many neighbourhoods making easy for people to drop their letters in them. The Postman used to open the lock of the Post Box, empty the letters from there into his official bag and carry it back to the concerned Post Office. Now none of those red Post Boxes are visible in the busy towns but are some existing in villages.

I still remember writing letters to my Pen-friend in New Zealand. How we enjoyed exchanging our thoughts and views about our country and shared information of our country with one another. Sending letters abroad did cost a lot. Those days it was great writing to Pen-pals who lived abroad and also have pen-friends living in different parts of our own country. There was so much exchange of thoughts and gathering of knowledge of another different place or town. Just envision and that gave so much happiness.

As children, we, I mean us siblings, waited for the postman and rushed to take the letters from him once he knocked on the door. Greetings on different occasions were sent by post but now, e-mail, e-cards are doing their rounds. But the Postal Services will never die for when technology can have great trouble, manual handiwork will facilitate then. Our villages have not been so technically developed…all the people are not tech savvy…so the door is always open. And our younger generation should also see the Postal department in service.

There was the facility of sending parcels from the post office. Telegrams were also so important for they brought urgent news to the receiver. At times receiving a telegram would create havoc in some families who were illiterate; they thought it brought bad news.

Post offices used to be crowded with men and women and there used to be some people who helped others who did not know to read and write in reading or writing letters for them. In return they earned few small denomination coins for their services.

Since the Computer and the internet have come, Click the button and send. Click a button and receive…good but bad too. People have stopped writing on paper and I think after sometime children will not have their Handwriting Notebooks to write on in their early school life. Handwriting will be a forgotten thing…but then many prefer to write on paper. I love to scribble my thoughts on the blank side of pamphlets that come with the morning newspapers. But not always. I am in the MOVING AHEAD BANDWAGON…another sly smiles irks me this time…

Am I being unwise in writing this? Not at all – that’s my feeling. Reminiscences…

I’ve finished my Post and with a click I’ll Post it. No two minds in “To Post or not to Post” it goes....

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