Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Word B Pops out its head to say… -- My Daily Write-up

The Word B Pops out its head to say…

I can hear the noise -- Bang-bang!

Who’s that banging, I wonder.

“Aah Haah! It’s me” says B in a loud note.

“What do you want from me”?

“Give me a space here”.

“Space for you, but what will I write”.

“Write about me”.

O.K. leave me alone I say and throw away B from my sight as of ‘just now’. By just now I mean I intend to give a place to B today.

Thinking of B, first childhood memory is, B for Ball. Also B for Bat. B for Branch…no this word is not for beginners for they don’t know how to spell it.

As a child B has chased me to learn to write this alphabet as a small letter and the capital one too. The whole story is B is divided, small and capital. So funny! But that’s the importance of an alphabet and how it helps in creating a language.

If you are learning English, you will know B. But then in an Indian language this alphabet gets no place…Vernacular I mean. No meanness in this meaning. Every language has its own importance. That’s how we speak and communicate and also read and write.

This B has been driving my thoughts from the first gear to the topmost one. It has made me drive forward and backwards with my thoughts. But when do we use reverse gears…to go back.

I don’t want to be on the reverse gear at this juncture of my life.

Move on quickly says the ways of life to me. Time is simply running fast, not like it used to be during my schooldays. How time tortured me by moving so slowly in climbing the next upper rung in school… looked like Kumbhkarn’s sleeping time.

And now time seems to slip out of the hand. Want to do something have to be quick.

“Hey B you have raked up my brain for today. Feeling good Yaar”.

“I’ve been watching you and your activities from behind the curtain” says B with a giggle. “So, how do you feel now?”

I look around and find I’m alone and all these are creative thoughts of my mind.

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