Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Sound of Music -- My Daily Write-up

It was the chirping of the birds, very early in the morning, brought such sweet melody to the ears. Birds are very early risers. Before dawn their hustle-bustle and flights take off and in no time their melody reaches the ears. Nature has such a great part to play in our lives. And we, what are we doing, just cutting down the trees where the birds can build their nests and sing to us from and make us rise early.

Music can be good and bad. It’s the ears that can make the distinction. Sweet melodious music is so soothing to the ears. Vocal or instrumental, hardly makes a difference, as long as music is being enjoyed.

Music gives a sense of peace and calm to the mind and soul. In loneliness music can be a friend.

Loud music can irritate the nerves. You need not be an expert to love music. The ears can hear, the mind can absorb, and the body can relax…that’s the effect of music.

Classical music – vocal and instrumental – is something very special and champions in these don’t make in a day. It takes years of riyaz/practice to expertise in this art form. Most liked is light music, as it suits the tuning of the person’s liking. No harm, for music lives in the minds and heart of the people.

The sound of music creates magic and is appreciated again and again. 

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