Thursday, February 13, 2014

Taken For Granted -- My Daily Write-up

Taken For Granted...

Some people like to be taken for granted. But I for one will never allow this to be the line for me.

After analyzing a lot, I found why some people are taken for granted.

A small list of my thoughts:

It is always good to maintain self-respect and not make it very cheap in front of others.

Try to help when asked for and not just get working on it just by hearing from others.

Don’t just jump into helping others thinking that it is a good deed.

Don’t make regular visits to others homes if you don’t get return visits.

Don’t make frequent phone calls to ask a friend or someone very close of his/her well-being if that person doesn’t bother to call back even once after all the calls.

Don’t ignore your family for the sake of others for that gives a leverage to the other to how important that person is in your life.

Live a life with respect, respect others and also see that you get back the same respect.

Live is lived with self-respect no matter how rich or poor one is, how educated or little-learned one is.

Set such a paradigm that you can be an example to others.

Follow certain self-made principles in life to make sure you live a life of honour and dignity.

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