Monday, February 3, 2014

Sweet or Bitter -- My Daily Write-up

Sweet and Bitter are poles apart. If one is the north pole that other is the south pole. When comparisons are drawn there are so many ways of talking about it.

Sweet Mango
Bitter Neem
But here there is no comparison or difference that is being debated. Two simple words crossed my mind and that’s how the whole story stands.

Being a Bengali, I have a sweet tooth and sweet things are my favourite. But bitter things can’t be avoided. Here I’m talking about food. Karela/bitter gourd is bitter and is not very suitable to my palate. But this is healthy and karela does get a place in the menu list…not every day but sometimes. Neem is bitter and methi saag also gives out that bitter smell when it is cooked. But I like methi parathas, very tasty.



Even emotions can be bitter and sweet. Memories can also have these two effects.

Life also is sweet at times and sometimes bitter.

But this sweet and bitter make up our life.

What to choose among the two – sweet ripe mango or bitter neem leaves – choice is yours.

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