Thursday, February 20, 2014

Politics in India at its Low -- My Daily Write-up

Parliament of India

Politics in India at its Low...

Politics in India is in no way Shining, moreover, it is losing Sheen. The incidents that are taking place in the Parliament…The Temple of Political Activities…and also in the different Assembly’s in different States make an Indian hang his/her in shame.

How is the world looking at all this nonsense happening. If we Indians can feel the shame then the world must be mocking at us.

We are proud to say India is the largest democracy in the world. Actually does Democracy exist?

Since the time the AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) came to power in Delhi so much has been happening. This AAP was all out to eradicate corruption by playing a blame game with have truths. Then the Chief Minister of AAP created chaos by sitting on a Dharna on the streets of Delhi which is untold and unheard of earlier, for the post of a Chief Minister holds some respect. The CM calls himself an Anarchist. He wants to hold a session of the Assembly in the open in a Stadium with the gathering of the common mass. He had earlier said he sat on the CM’s chair because of a Referendum conducted by his Party. His Law Minister creates trouble at night with racist remarks on other foreign nationals. Subsidised electricity bills (reduced to half) for those, who supported him, and paying off the remaining electricity charges to the Electricity distribution companies from the Delhi Government’s kitty which he had not earned. In the end after 49 days of governance, quitted his post slyly when he could not fulfill the promises he had made to the common man of Delhi.

Next come the issue and happenings in Parliament. Pepper Spray and knives were used inside the Lok Sabha. It seems Gunda Raj is going on in there…some MP’s suspended but no other stringent action taken.

Next: With the Parliament session going on, the Congress Party which heads the UPA government at the Center, made a mockery of the proceedings. The live telecast of the proceedings  in the Lok Sabha was on a Black-out when the Telengana issue came up. The Telengana Bill came up amidst the din and was passed with no debate on it.

In the Rajya sabha, which is said to be the House of Elders was not spared. The Secretary General of the House was shoved and pushed by a member. Again, no action.

In the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, one member was seen slapping a Marshal who is a government employee. He was doing his duty and that was his fate.

In the Uttar Pradesh Assembly the scene was worst still. Two members had bared their bodies by removing their shirts. And a Minister of the Cabinet was seen to be saying to strip fully with the Chief Minister enjoying his Ministers words and laughing away.

These are some of the happenings in the Political Arena in India in the recent past.

Seeing all these irresponsible and shameless people it brings a feeling to the mind why they have got a place there. They have no respect for themselves, no respect for the house which is the place from where all the governance work is worked out and no respect for the country.

Where does Indian Democracy and Politics stand at this juncture?

Simple. The Common Man/Aam Aadmi will never like to be in politics which is so dirty and ugly. But we have to be very careful in the coming Elections to choose our leaders and not be misled. Instead we can guide people to go for the right decision in choosing their leaders by analyzing and not by being lured into the den of these people who are SHAMING OUR NATION ACROSS THE GLOBE.


  1. Feel scared looking at the way our politicians are acting. We thought AAP will bring some respect to the Indian political scene. We are duped by them. Now, we have got only Modi who has got mixed reviews.

    God help our country.

    No comment on state governments. All are selfish dirty people.

    1. Sandhya, you've hit the nail hard on the head with your comment. What does a common person do? We simply want to live an honest and respectable life, doing our jobs and duties religiously and at the end of the day want peace and harmony in life. There can be strifes but that is now and then for that is also a part of life.

      Modi is welcome as a change but who knows what the results will be.

      Rightly said about states. See the division of Andhra Pradesh...don't think it was necessary. Some people want to divide this nation on Languages while hanging the Secular Emblem round their neck.