Sunday, February 16, 2014

Political Fever Versus Exam Fever -- My Daily Write-up

Political Fever Versus Exam Fever

This time of the year sees more into exam time. School Board examinations are held…the stepping stone to the next level. This is the time when students put in many hours of study to get good marks/grades in their Board Exams. The Class X and Class XII Board Exams are important as they pave the way for the future of the studies a student wants to pursue. The Medical & Engineering Entrance tests are held after the completion of class XII. And students have sleepless nights burning the night oil to study hard to get a seat in the Premiere Institutions in India…be it medical or engineering…choice lies with them.

There are the IIT’s and other government engineering colleges. There are Government Medical Colleges also. So also a number of private institutions are there for these courses but to get an admission in these private institutions there is the Donation System which pinches the pocket. But with a good ranking in the entrance test enables a child to get a seat in a college of his/her choice without donation.

This time of the year is very important in for studies.

With the coming of the General Elections in May 2014, the Political fever is at its height. The temperature/heat of each and every Party is rising more than the expected heat from the Summer’s Sun. The General elections can be a disturbance to the study factor.

But who cares! Politics has an upper hand over other things and is nurtured and nourished by politicians as and how they like. Each one hitting out at others in strong languages and making promises that will hardly be kept once they come to power.

And the puny voter…I say puny because no power lies in the voter except the vote…waits for that day to cast their precious vote. With the Voter Identity Card in hand, the voter steps into the Polling Booth to cast the vote…so precious that they make the destiny of some to reach and enter through the door of the Parliament to sit on a Chair…a prestige that is given. It is no test with books and courses but a litmus test that is passed with the push of the button of the EVM (Electronic Voting Machine). With the highest number of votes the winner gets a place.

Two big tests are coming up. Both are no doubt tests of different king. One is the work with brains and long hours of devotion and dedication to education. The other is to woo the voters, by hook or by crook, use strength if required and also by mislead.

Whatever be it, those no longer in their schooldays are the happy lot.

Those who have attained the Voting age are happy to cast their vote…the first-time voter is the most enthusiast.

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