Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mickey Virus: Movie Review

Starring: Manish Paul, Elli Avram, Manish Choudhary, Varun Badola, Puja Gupta, Nitish Pandey
Directed by Saurabh Varma
Produced by Arun Rangachari & Vivek Rangachari
Screenplay by  Saurabh Varma
Story by Gaurav Varma,  Saurabh Varma & Elvin Raja
Music by Hanif Shaikh
Cinematography Anshuman Mahaley
Editing by Archit D Rastogi 

Mickey Virus gives debutant Manish Paul for showing off his acting skills. Though Manish has hosted shows on television earlier, getting a chance to act in a film got to see how much he gave to his character.

The story is all about a group of guys and gal who are gizmo freaks. The setting is in Delhi. The story begins with the murder of two foreign nationals who are hackers. The police are in search of the culprits and also a hacker who can find out who are the culprits. Mickey Arora is a hacker, a happy go lucky boy, who has created his Kung-fu Chameli, has friends Chutney, Floppy and Pancho, sits in his mother’s grocery shop and creates virus for other computers. He falls for Kamayani George, the white skinned girl and thinks of her as his dream girl.

The Delhi police take Mickey Arora into their confidence. . Mickey Arora can break through the most difficult firewalls and get access into the Bhram gang website in just 60 seconds. The police find him very suitable and so take his help.

Falling for Kamyani George (Elli Avram, who was seen in Big Boss 7) he gives space to a happy-go-lucky life of a hero of a film. One day Kamyani who works in a Bank erroneously transfers a big amount into an unintended account. But the lover boy hacks the account and transfers the amount. The very next day his girlfriend is found murdered in her apartment.

From here the movie takes a turn and efforts are made to find the real culprits.

The film is more of a crime thriller with space for comedy. Though at times it is slow but picks up pace again.

Manish Paul has done justice to his role…both the happy-go-lucky chap and a bit serious part is enacted with precision. Elli Avram too looks stunning and has a good future ahead. Sha has worked hard. Varun Badola, as an Inspector, who has allergy for gunpowder, provides some good moments in the film.

Saurabh Varma, the debutant Director has tried to keep the pace of the film going. But it needed some cuttings here and there with the songs.

The T-shirt looks good on the hero and also the ear-phones. Can be copied by youngsters.
On the whole Mickey virus is a good crime thriller packed with some comedy, there is agility of young hackers who find their work interesting, and has fun in it. Though it is not a  perfect crime thriller, it is a mixture of fun and thrill and can be watched though there are minor flaws.

Watching the film is worth the time spent. 

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