Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy… -- My Daily Write-up

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy…

Yesterday was so different. Felt the difference. There was so much laze that had crept in me. It had to be different for everyday is different. But I have used the word different so many times…bore for others and also for me. I think I have to substitute “different” with a synonym. A synonym…going back to school grammar…no way, not back to school days again.

There was boredom too. Why all these creepy thoughts coming all of a sudden. May be loss of sleep…trying to find the cause. But that’s not true. The mind and the heart are not in unison with this thought. Feeling so bored up…want some change…want someone to cook and feed me.


Not at all.


Others expect from me to do this service.

Want to quit.

Not possible.

Again a why?

Simple you are the Lady of the house and it runs on your Command.

Why all this dialogue(bazi).

I’m bored.

“Don’t bore others” comes a voice from the void.

“Hey I’m talking to myself. I don’t have much to say for now. So back into my shell…MYSELF…and what more…wait till…

I will take a short nap and invigorate myself…maybe I’ve been a spoilt sport for now.


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