Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In the Thick and Thin of Life

In the Thick and Thin of Life

Life has so many shades of colour. Like the rainbow with the VIBGYOR that makes it, life too has many shades.

Life does not run in a straight line. Like a graph it has its ups and downs, the highs and lows, and without these diversions what would be the meaning of life at all.

A smooth sail can never be there. Life is like a sailing boat. The breeze can be soft, smooth and pleasant at times. There can be harsh breeze which can cause havoc and simply pull the boat away from the direction it is moving. Even at times the boatman can change direction. The boat can be made to stop at a particular place and then drift on. Even there can be a time when the boat can sink.

So is life, moving along, picking up the good, bad and the ugly time it has to pass through.

In all this one cannot shove away from the duties of life.

There are also different phases in life. Life begins soon after birth. Then comes the innocent childhood followed by adulthood. Somewhere down the lane life picks up middle age and then comes old age. These are the different phases which each and every individual has to go through.

Each phase has different things to be taken care of. Infants need the care of parents. Childhood gives the strength to grow up and do what parents want them to be to build up their future careers, marry and begin family. Middle age is the time when children are seen growing before one’s own eyes and getting a place in public life. And of course old age is the life of retirement.

By the time one attains retirement age, it means retirement from jobs and lives a life with no heavy daily office duty. This is the time to play with grandchildren and live in harmony with life.

At this juncture, individuals have learnt and lived life. They have the experience of life and can share and help youngsters with their views…may or may not be accepted by the other side.

So life is made up of so many shades which a painter cannot create with the paint brush. Live a life to full and be a relieved person when the last breath comes.

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