Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Golgoppas/Pani Puri/Phuchka…Did they speak…aaaaaaaahhhh… -- My Daily Write-up

Home-made Tasty Pani Puri/ Golgappas...Hygiene with taste

Did they -- Golgoppas/Pani Puri/Phuchka – speak out? No way, they have no words.

Hah!!! They can’t speak…ha hah haah!!!

Not a joke but a smoke. ???

Smoke without fire. Then don’t let others tire.

Of course they, my sweeties, my golgappaes, phuchkaes, the pani puris did no talking. They simply made a small noise as the thumb of Raju…the phuchkawala…started serving. He hands over a small kotori, a disposable one of plastic…he has got the plastic ones instead of the ones made from leaves, the leafy ones can be destroyed without causing any harm to the environment, but the plastic bowls can create hazard. Never mind when the action is on.

Camera rolling…imaginative…Raju pushes his right thumb creating a small noise, almost unheard, and makes a tiny hole in the small crunchy puri. The masala is ready…a combination of mashed potatoes, added to it are boiled chick peas, chilli powder, salt, chat masala, finely chopped fresh coriander leaves and stem and of course his special masala. All mixed and then he takes a little portion of it and fills the hole of the crunchy puri. And standing near his right hand is the vessel filled with the special tangy water. Dip…in the masala filled puri goes and out and served to the customer.

A bite into it…again the crunchy sound is heard as it breaks in the mouth…the masala, the tangy water and the puri get into the mish-mash work in the mouth and then down it runs the food pipe to find its destination. Raju is so quick in serving one after the other that there is no time to “Stand and Stare” but act with all agility or the puris will start stacking up one after the other.

Eating Golgappas is a swift act…if slow you are behind…and then 8-10 pieces are enough if you have not entered into a competition with another to eat the maximum number.

Who cares for hygiene when there is a crave for such a treat. But this stuff is really great when it is served by the golgappa vendor…smack the lips and belch after having the fill…wipe the lips and move on till the next treat.

Did they speak? Thoughtful but…India’s street food, can’t give it a miss. Isn’t it?

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