Monday, February 10, 2014

A Girl’s Dream -- My Daily Write-up

There was a time when everyone at home called me a dreamer. I had dreams that were not to the likes of many. As a kid I dreamt of becoming a doctor…all this because I liked the stethoscope hung from the doctor’s neck and how I loved to hear the “dukduk dukduk” heart beats from this wonder machine. But this kiddy dream vanished within a short period of some months when the prick of the needle from an injection hurt me.

“No way, I don’t want to become a doctor, they hurt people,” was all that I said and others laughed. But it did not bother me.

Next was my thought of becoming a well renowned sportsperson. I did well in this area in school. But during my college days, there was restriction from Ma, and with that my interest started dying though I had the repute of holding some state records and represented my state.

Music, everybody loved it. My Ma played string instruments and the harmonium. My sisters and I too learned singing and playing the harmonium was also to my liking. When our music teacher wanted me to go and perform on the stage, a set back from the family. All that was said was, “Learn music but keep it within the home and show your talent in front of friends and relatives. No going out to perform on the stage.” My mother was not conservative but I think she was possessive and didn’t want it the way I liked, she was more concerned about her little girl and didn’t want anything wrong to happen.

So many dreams have come and gone in my life. Some did not cherish, some did not get a chance to blossom. But the chase was always there and I knew I had been flexible and not so serious. But a time did come when I knew I had to be serious. I did not like my job and had to quit. I found pleasure and happiness in having my own coaching classes. My students excelled and made me proud. I knew I had the ability to give my best to the boys and girls who came to me to learn. Money has never been the major factor, but the results were always my aim and I knew I did it. But I have deprived small school going children from getting my coaching. Maybe someday or the other…

I have been enjoying my social service I render in teaching under privilege children. I got associated with this organization by chance and this has given me so much pleasure. At first it was such a hard work for me but now I love it. Had never dreamt about it but it came my way.

I love books and like their company. Studies were my priority, and by the time I entered my Graduation year, I had made up my mind to start with writing on my own. And this has come down with me for years now.

Not belonging to the present generation, my opportunities were different from what it is now. But no regrets as I am happy to pursue a dream that I had and it is no longer a dream but reality. I have recognized “ME” and that’s what matters to me. Live and be happy in what you are doing as long as it does not become a barrier to others. Live and let live is my motto.

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