Friday, January 31, 2014

That Afternoon -- My Daily Write-up

The winter winds were blowing on that afternoon when I went all alone to the sea-side. The sea has always attracted me. This time, while others preferred an afternoon nap, I decided to walk along the long stretch of the sand along the beach.

The sun gave me company…as I felt the sun to be with me. There were so many others on the beach, but they were unknown. I enjoyed the company of the sun as it touched on me with the bright afternoon sunshine, giving me a bit of warmth on that cold November day. The sand had also soaked in some heat and was giving out warmth. If the summer’s sun would have been there, Oouch! The sand would have given the hurt to the feet.

The beach was like a fest of its kind. So colouful…people hanging around in clothes of different shades. People from far and near hounded the beach…some running into the water and then coming back, some inclined to go in for a bath but fear lingering in their minds. Children ran towards the gushing waves that washed the beach as each and every wave made the roaring noise to come forward but receded effortlessly without that loud sound. It was a sight to watch.

I stood at one place to see all that was going on between the people and the sea waters and then moved on. My destination was not motivated or designed, but I walked on with my footfall, forward and forward and forward and....

At one time I sat on the sandy beach and watched the waves…a creation even science cannot contest. Magical!  Up and down moved the waters, sometimes coming up close to my feet to soak them and create a different feeling in me. The blue waters stretched my gaze to the horizon, and beyond that what was there was a mystery for my eyes.

Fishing boats had gone in and moving about to get the catch of the day. How much these simple fishermen depended on their daily catch. Some days a good haul could give them lots of money and some days could cheat them from getting the good catch they had expected.

I looked at the sun from where I was sitting. The rays fell on the waters and the waves worked with it like conjurers. Soon the sun began to dip, a sight that said it was time for sunset.

Got up, dusted the sand that had stuck to my clothes and was soon back on my way. As I retreated, saw so many sand blocks made by children as they played while their parents kept a watch on them. I remembered my childhood sand house built on the beach to be washed away with the big breakers that came, for nothing is permanent on the sandy beach. Nature has its own rules and laws…am I right in justifying this?  Don’t know how correct I am but for sure it was a great afternoon spent with the sun, sand, the waves and the water.

That’s the magic of the sea-side.

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